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Grasstrack Racing

June 26, 2006 Leave a comment

David Clifford brings us this gallery of motocross racing.

A few samples:


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June 22, 2006 1 comment

SmugMug user evensong brings us this delicious gallery.

Here’s a taste:


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Mono Lake

June 19, 2006 4 comments

Longtime SmugMug user Nikolai (creator of the powerful SmugMug utility Star*Explorer) brings us this gallery from Mono Lake.

Here are a few samples:


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Turkey Fight!

June 16, 2006 4 comments

Perhaps a little random, I bring you a gallery of two turkeys fighting.

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Classic Automobiles

June 14, 2006 2 comments

SmugMug user CS-Pics brings us this great gallery of classic automobiles.

Some samples:


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Seattle Folklife

June 12, 2006 2 comments

SmugMug user “scovophoto” brings us this gallery entitled “Seattle Folklife“.

Here are some samples:


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Misson East

June 8, 2006 1 comment

According to their bio, Mission East is a “Danish international relief and development organisation, working in Eastern Europe and Asia”. They have some great photos from the places they assist, including Afghanistan, Nepal, Armenia, and Tajikistan. It is that last gallery that caught my eye, so here are a few samples from Tajikistan:


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Jon Marshall Photography

June 6, 2006 1 comment

Jon Marshall is one of our customers with a truly impressive portfolio.  As I have mentioned before, I generally avoid sites that have external linking off, as it means I can’t put any of the images in my blog post here. But for sites with truly breathtaking shots, it is worth it. :)

So check out his site here.

Or head straight to some albums:

Rock climbing in Bishop, CA

Skiing in Snowbird, UT

Travelling through Central America


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New features – June 2nd, 2006

Whew! Lots of important enhancements to the site today!

  • Whole new look & feel. Everyone’s got gradients, less green, and gorgeous new buttons. Big kudos to Lee for all the amazing artwork.
  • Help sections have been re-organized, re-written, and browsing them has been enhanced.
  • Lots of new Themes for everyone to use:
  • The ActiveX uploader makes it’s return to prominence by popular request. Upgraded now to do batches as large as 384MB in one fell swoop. (Plenty of the other uploaders do unlimited, so give them a shot if you need larger)


Florindo Gallicchio

June 2, 2006 4 comments

I was lucky enough to find Florindo Gallicchio’s site while answering some questions abut setting up a custom domain. This gallery in particular really impressed me.


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