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SmugMug Pro FAST Start

October 27, 2006 Comments off

New SmugMug Pro? An old hand looking for a makeover? We want to help you with a fast start.

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SmugMug's story is Chicken Soup for the Soul

October 17, 2006 4 comments

Chicken SoupMy heroes are entrepreneurs. I went to work for NeXT years ago because Steve Jobs was CEO and I wanted to live what I’d read in the books.

What could be more exciting than building Cold Stone (yum!) from scratch?

Never did I imagine that our story would end up alongside the stories of my heroes in a book like the Chicken Soup series.

We’ve been so busy pouring our hearts into SmugMug and doing the right thing for customers, we hardly had time to stop and write about it. But I’m really glad the other entrepreneurs in this great little book did, because their stories are fascinating.

To any SmugMuggers interested in knowing more about how the company started than you can find on our about us page, send email to help at smugmug dot com with your address and we’ll fire off a free copy.


October 16, 2006 Comments off

I am pretty sure I have pimped the photography of our “House Pro” Andy Williams before, but when he takes shots of Oompah bands, he earns another post! :)

These photos were taken during his recent trip to Photokina. See more here. 

TJ Rubin Photography

October 2, 2006 3 comments

The Dgrin community has a lot of great photographers and galleries, and this one in particular was pointed out to me recently.

The photographer is TJ Rubin, who also shows his photos at the John Galt Gallery in Chicago.

Here are a few samples:


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