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Bug Fixes and Metadata Update. January 29th, 2010.

Since the smoke has begun to clear from our release of Smart Galleries, we wouldn’t want to leave you high and dry for the weekend. Here’s a few bonus bug fixes to tide you over:

  • Double quotes in the caption won’t disturb other tags in our Journal viewing style.
  • You’ll see several more options for configuring embedded videos via the Get a Link feature.
  • Photos in Thumbnails viewing styles should now properly save after you’ve arranged them.
  • Pros: Old orders now display proper product info on the downloadable Sales History spreadsheets.

Metadata Updates

  • We’ve always tried to automatically extract captions and keywords from your IPTC data. To make things even easier we now also read keyword information from .xmp files, in addition to IPTC and Exif, in the following order of precedence:
    Xmp.dc.description >> Xmp.dc.UserComment >> Iptc.Application2.Caption >> Exif.Image.ImageDescription
  • Our keywords are also now imported from xmp and IPTC – in the following order of precedence…Xmp.dc.subject >> Iptc.Application2.Keywords
  • Globetrotters rejoice: Both our captions and keywords fields now accept non-English characters. Check those out in your bulk captions/keywords tool and tag away, though the UTF-8 keywords will only show up in the keyword string (in the keyword edit box) not the individual keywords at the moment.
  • We smarted up our metadata filters so that only relevant EXIF data gets transmitted on upload. No more default “Olympus Digital Camera” captions! (Unless you want those, of course.)
  • All focal lengths shown in your Camera Info box should reflect the actual information contained in the file. Bogus? Begone!
  1. February 1, 2010 at 9:39 pm

    Really – I can use Kanji now in my keywords? Again, thank you!

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