Event Marketing Overhaul, Gallery Coupons, New SMUGs, bug fixes

As promised, we have a few goodies for the Pros that just missed last week’s deadline. Here they are:

Events. On Steroids.

Our Events feature got an enormous boost. You can sort your Events, add a custom slideshow to your Event page, feature your Event on your homepage and best of all, let guests register so that they can pick Favorites. (Whew!)

Open your Control Panel > Pros tab and click on your Events. You’ll see all the different options are broken down into boxes for easy navigation. The new “Event Settings” area holds all this new stuff, so check it out.

Here’s a cheat sheet for the new Guest Registration feature:

  • Required registration – Anyone who tries to view your Event pages will be prompted to enter their name and email address. We’ll send them an email with a special link. Clicking it will allow them to browse the galleries and tag Favorites.
  • Optional registration – Visiting the Event page will prompt the guest to register. If they fill it out, they’ll get the customized Event page and the ability to tag Favorites. However, they can opt out and continue to browse the Event as a guest.
  • Off – This is Events as you’ve known it. Only people you set as Participants can tag Favorites. Everyone else sees the public version of the Event.

All guests who Register appear in your new Participants and Registered Guests section, so you can keep track (and keep in touch.)

Detailed help pages are forthcoming. In the meantime, give it a spin let us know how we did.

Ask and ye shall receive! Gallery Coupons.

One thing we heard our Pros wanted was gallery-specific coupons.

Visit your Control Panel > Pros tab and open up the Coupons manager. By default, your coupons will apply to every gallery on your site, but you can narrow it down to specific ones. Creating coupons for each customer just got a whole lot easier.

Catch up on the versatility and variety of our coupons feature here.

Keeping You in the Loop.

Pros, we added a little more info to your Sales History pages. Open up any order and look out for the Payment Details area on the right. We now give you dates we paid your past profit payments, and even include the check number if you we mailed you a paper check.

If you’ve got any questions about your payment history and when we paid you, stop there first.

Need help with reporting? Look here.

Moar SMUGs!

We’re ecstatic that our SmugMug User Groups have been thrilling you each month. From coast to coast Smuggers of all persuasions are coming out to meet, greet and learn something new.

Check out our locations page to find and follow your local SMUG.

Bug fixes:

  • Navigating your gallery while the keyword edit box is open shouldn’t cause it to disappear.
  • Similarly, opening a photo’s lightbox view won’t crash the keyword edit box if it’s already open.
  • The search box in the header will properly return results when searching for 1- and 2-character keywords.
  • The date range feature in our Stats now respects the Eastern time zone.
  • Orders shipping to a handful of long-named countries now have shipping options in the shopping cart.
  • We fixed a rare bug that affected a few Pros’ Sales History’s display of profit calculation.
  • Our new Personal Delivery feature got official help pages. Find them here.

As always. we’ve got more tricks up our sleeves so stay tuned.

‘Til next time,

The SmugMug Family

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12 thoughts on “Event Marketing Overhaul, Gallery Coupons, New SMUGs, bug fixes”

    1. Hi Kit! If a photo is collected in more than one gallery, and any one of those galleries is in the coupon gallery list, the coupon will work for that photo regardless of which gallery it was added to the cart from. Example, I collect a photo into gallery a and gallery b. I have a coupon for gallery a. I add the photo to my cart from gallery b, the coupon will work even though gallery b is not in the coupon gallery list.

      Hope this helps!

    1. Hi Jason! Yes, you will! Same if registration is optional and clients opt to register. Thanks, -Frederique

  1. hi ummm…… were are my 8th grade photos they should have been up by now and i cant seem to find them there were supposed to be in margies photos thanks

    1. Hi Dave, once people register for an Event on your account, you’ll see their name next a blue icon under “Participants and Registered Guests.” You can click the white envelope icon to pull up the email template and see their email address. Hope this helps!

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