Think Tank Photo Giveaway, Plus a Special Bonus

Think Tank Photo’s name perfectly reflects their company vision: To help photographers be ready before the moment, to travel easier, take pictures faster and be more efficient. It’s all about creating your vision.

We love the idea of clearing away annoyances and obstacles so you can focus on your photo. It’s a classic philosophy, one which prompted us to retire to our reading chairs, pour a brandy and pontificate the possibility of another giveaway.

Retropective 20. One Winner.

Think Tank will bestow this beautiful, rugged bag, the Retrospective 20, to one lucky photographer:

Think Tank and SmugMug Giveaway: Retrospective 20 camera bag

Relive the glory of photography masters like Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Frank with this vintage-inspired camera bag. Just add your own trusty tools and you’re ready to hit the streets and do some serious shooting.

Think Tank and SmugMug giveaway: Retrospective 20 camera bag

It’s perfect for photojournalists and travel photographers.  Here’s just a few reasons why:

  • Fits 1 pro size DSLR with up to a 70-200 f2.8 lens attached and 1 – 3 additional lenses.
  • Includes a seam sealed rain cover so you can shoot in any weather.
  • Hook and loop “Sound Silencers” eliminate noise and keep you stealthy.
  • Understated colors fit any occasion.

Check out their website for full specs and ideas on how to fill it.

(You’ll receive the Pinestone color pictured here. Camera not included, sorry!)


Just because we love hearing from ya, we are adding a bonus. Help us get up to 60k “Likes” on our Facebook Fanpage by Oct 17, and we’ll stuff the Retrospective 20 with prizes for you AND a friend. Prizes include free years of SmugMug Pro, super-awesome print credit to Bay Photo, and more treats from Think Tank Photo.

How to Win:

  1. Like SmugMug’s Facebook page here.
  2. Link Think Tank Photo’s Facebook page here.
  3. Post a link to your favorite travel photo in the comments below.
  4. Spread the word! Help SmugMug get to 60k Likes by Oct 17 to qualify for a Bonus.

Get your entries in by Sunday, October 16 and we’ll announce the (randomly picked) winner right here on October 17.

Thanks for playing and can’t wait to see your favorite travel shots.


Holy Moly! With over 700 comments, this giveaway shattered records and made Smuggy history. We didn’t hit the Bonus Goal of 60K Likes, but heck, we love you guys and want to show ya some love. We randomly picked an awesome First Prize winner, AND two runner ups, just cuz.

HUGE Congrats to Venissa Walsh, our First Prize winner! She’s taking home the Retrospective 20. Two runner ups, Brenda De Los Santos and Jordan Hofker, will get a special Smuggy care package. We loved looking through all your photos and hope you’ll stay tuned for more awesomeness from us very soon. Congrats again everyone!!

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715 thoughts on “Think Tank Photo Giveaway, Plus a Special Bonus”

  1. hallo my favorite trave shot is with my kids on Holiday in Croatie ,last family holiday before my son left home to study,… jesse went for a walk with his Sister Hannah and i came looking to join then i found then sitting in sunset talking and enjoing sunset ,they didnot know i took this photo i crept off and left then to talk :) i love this memory captured here

  2. I love the pictures from Utah’s water company calander. I cannot copy and paste a website. Unfortunatly my computer is being upgraded at the momement. So I am on my phone ;) but GOSH I would love to have that awesome camera bag. ;)

  3. This was from my trip to Bangladesh. Group of kids making the line for their kite. The line is covered with powered glass so when there is a kite fight, the one with the better “sharp” line wins.

  4. A scene from Star Wars? No… Vista House at Crown Point, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon. Close to home, but I rarely travel further than half a day’s drive, so I try to transform every-day landscapes into something that looks like it would be in a far-away land :)

  5. I had the rare opportunity to visit the Taj Mahal and took this photo. What a magical place – and much much bigger than I thought it would be!

  6. Boy I could have used this. I JUST got back from Barcelona and that bag would have been awesome. Here is one I took on a beach just South of Mataro.

  7. On my way back from a deployment last year, I had the pleasure of stopping in Italy for a few weeks and was able to enjoy the the environment. The was taken in a street market last September

  8. This is of my family from our most recent vacation in NYC…Central Park…I think it’s just lovely in spite of how rainy it was! I’d love to win the bag and all the goodies but I especially just want to say thanks Smugmug for giving us a great product to view and store our pictures on…been with you for 7 years and plan to continue for my lifetime!

  9. Presque Isle Erie, Pennsylvania

    My husband is in the military and this was my youngest’s first time at the beach when we went home on leave to Erie, PA

  10. SmugMug, you guys ROCK!!! Here is one of my favorite places to go, Pigeon Point Lighthouse on the Northern California Coast. This is sunset, just before the lighting of the Fresnel Lens which they only do once a year.


  11. Our favorite vacation spot is Club Intrawest in Palm Desert, CA. Sounds crazy, but the boys love being able to relax at the pool all day long, watch a movie in Club movie theatre and play video games in the arcade room. The consierge takes great care of us! We love our condo there and how beautiful the area is!

  12. This one was from a simple weekend getaway. It is the first series of shots taken from going full manual, learning from a shutterbug jedi and fellow Smugmug member. Thanks E Angala!

  13. Sawyer Glacier in Tracy Arm Fjord in Alaska, just took this a little over a month ago. Its a panorama of i think 6 photos stitched together. I was lucky to catch the calving during the shots.

  14. I can’t remember where I found the link to the website that hosted this picture, but when I saw it I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY at how amazingly composed this photo was. I didn’t want to stop looking at it and move down the list. I just absolutely loved it!

    The picture I talked about:

    The list I was going through:

  15. This would certainly make for a nice Birthday present for me (My B-Day is Oct 18)! Picking out my favorite travel photo is a tough one for me because I have a lot I love. Here’s one of my favorite photos from our trip to St. Louis this past August:

    Good luck to everyone and have a fantastic day! Thanks again SmugMug for being so darned cool! =)

  16. It may be self serving but kissing my wife in the Greek islands was very special – just celebrated 10 years with her.

    The second photo shows the Retrospective 20 and Airport 2.0 in use yesterday (had not unpacked from a 40 day / 19 country trip yet….

    Richard Shoaf, Photographer –

  17. This one was taken from a cable car going to the highest point in Singapore. The buildings were neat and everything just lined up.

    The second is from a fish market in Singapore. It kinda sums up the entire experience for me. Fresh, new and just a bit out of the ordinary.

  18. Recently traveled to Crater lake and just loved the views, I hiked up to a wildfire lookout and took this picture of the parking lot and the rim of the crater. The tilt shift plays with the scale of things, something that until you go to Crater Lake personally you don’t understand how Large the thing is!

  19. I’ve liked Smugmug for years, I like Think Tank now, I have posted the link to this contest on my Facebook page and my Google+ page, and here is one of my favorite photos:

  20. I have been lusting over that camera bag for a while now and we have been using smug for years, what a great contest! Here is our image, it was taken during our honeymoon to Maui.

  21. High Loanthwaite B&B in Hawkeshead Lake District, UK, This is a 700 year old working sheep farm in the beautiful Lake District. I can still hear the sheep!

  22. Hopefully everyone knows that this is from our nations capital.
    I was finally old enough to appreciate the meaning of this statue and the beautifully written passages of history that surrounded it.

  23. I love travel photography… but lugging my heavy camera gear around in sweltering heat in Japan was no fun, I need a real camera bag! Here’s one of my favorite pictures I took. It features the Golden Pavilion, in Kyoto, Japan.


  24. This is Washington State believe it or not. East of the Cascade mountains lays fields of wheat, and rivers cutting into the landscape like this one. In mid-August, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

  25. This is one of my fav’s because I didn’t use a fancy camera, but was experimenting with my point and shoot digital.

  26. I want to win this so bad.. As a college student studying photography and a cancer survivor much of my income goes to getting healthier and learning a skill that will provide me with a better future to take care of my future family.

    I love the water immensely; waterpolo, swimming, scuba, etc are all things that I love to do, because of this I chose a photo that stood out to me in my search for a great travel photograph that contained water.

    This just seems like something incredible to do, its almost like being in a whole new world down there and you are the outsider.

    Jelly Fish Lake

    If I win this will all go to good use.

  27. My first encounter t!/photo.php?fbid=146487772114218&set=a.102414986521497.4864.102002519896077&type=1&theatero photograph Rainbow Bridge. I loved it. Niagira, Falls

  28. My first encounter at Rainbow Bridge. Niagira, Falls!/photo.php?fbid=146487772114218&set=a.102414986521497.4864.102002519896077&type=1&theater

  29. One of many photos from the back alleys of Melbourne, VIC in Australia. You can spend hours upon hours just wandering the streets of the Melbourne CBD and find all sorts of food places, graffiti, art, pubs and clubs :)

  30. I have been a smugmug fan on FB since I joined FB. Now I am a think tank fan, YEAH!!
    We vacationed in Montreal this past summer… what an old wolrd feel.

    I’ve got my fingers crossed in the contest!! Good luck getting the 60K.

  31. One of my favorites from the past year. Taken off I80 in PA with an iPhone 4, post processed in Aperture and NIK.

  32. Loved this morning in Jersey City, It was so quiet and suddenly heard noise of kwek kwek kwek and flying bird so clicked.

  33. Taken while on a typical family vacation at Disneyland; a last trip before my son entered the US Navy. I shot this from the last car on Big Thunder with my T3i, while rounding the corner. He and one of my daughters were in the car in front of us.

  34. I don’t really travel much except when it’s for an event. I’m a “people” photographer so I’m posting one of my favorites from my first trip to Austin, TX for the SXSW Music festival.

    The free drinks make you quite social, so here are two friends mingling at one of the early day parties. It’s not traditional travel scenery, but it makes me smile. :)

  35. One that I love is from when I recently traveled back to the UK. The cabbie had been paid a flat rate, but thought I would love this small village, so he pulled off of the motorway for me to be able to get out, stretch my legs for a few minutes and take some pictures before we continued on our way.

  36. Kalaloch Sunset - Olympic National Park

    I have been going to Kalaloch at least once a year since I was a year old. This was one of my last shots of the day as I prepared to leave. To me it speaks volumes about the beauty of the place. It’s one of those memories that always makes me smile.

  37. The Old Tithe Barn, near Bradford-on-Avon, along the Kennet & Avon Canal, in west Wiltshire, England. Walked here from Bath (Somerset), the whole area is impossibly picturesque.

    The ThinkTank bag is a beaut!

  38. Hmm, tough to pick just one favorite vacation photo…

    There’s sneaking across private property to see Maui’s only red sand beach (Kai-halulu Beach):

    Or getting up really early to drive to the top of the 10,000 foot volcano (Hale-a-ka-lā) in Maui:

    Or a recent trip to Yosemite where an early morning granted calm waters on the Merced River and gorgeous colors at Cathedral Beach (we also saw a young bear run through the picnic area):

    Or, there is always the opportunity for a stay-cation to catch a nap with the cat:

  39. My go-to locale any time of the year ~ Carrizo Plain National Monument. I don’t consider myself a landscape photographer, but you’d never know with these photos. Most people think it’s a desolate place, but you really have to take a second and really look.
    on of my faves ~
    and the whole picture =)