Get the Legacy Look on Your New SmugMug Site

In the week since the new SmugMug was born, we’ve been blown away by some of the gorgeous websites that we’ve seen from you!

But we’ve been also hearing from folks who miss the old legacy look, and want a newer version of it instead of a completely different website. No problemo, amigo! Here’s how to do it in just a few steps.

1. Use the SmugMug design

Let’s say, for example, you miss our basic legacy SmugMug layout and our basic Theme:

After you’ve migrated your photos, you’ll see all available designs for your account level. If you’re already using something else, simply click Customize > Choose a New Site Design from the top of your page.

Choose the first design, called “SmugMug.”

2. Post your profile

Click the wrench on the top box to open up your profile settings. Fill that in with a little blurb about yourself and what you do. If you wish, invite people to leave a comment or to email you!

Tip: If you’ve already filled in your Profile, you can toggle it to automatically display the content you have there.

3. Display your galleries

If you want your homepage to display your top-level Folders and galleries, you can leave the default boxes alone. Otherwise, click the wrench in the corner to edit what shows up. From the Basic tab, choose specific folders and galleries via the “Select From” dropdown in the settings box.

For the legacy look, you’ll want to change the thumbnail Photo Size to “Small,” and keep the 1:1 ratio.

Then click the Display tab. Tweak the spacing between your tiles, and change the Info Style to “Under.”

To get the classic single column look, click the Layout tab of your customization menu, and change “Stretchy” to “Fixed.” You can specify the width here, but the default is 960 pixels.

From there, you’re all set! You’ve got the classic profile + gallery content all ready and waiting for your fans to see.

Go further

Of course, you can always tweak the settings more on any of the content on the page, or add more boxes to your heart’s content. That’s the beauty of the new SmugMug!

Links to stuff you’ll love:

What were we thinking?

Sometimes you see the dumb things companies say and you wonder, “What were they thinking?”

I never imagined that happening to us, but we did something so dumb in a blog post, we’re now looking at each other blankly and asking, what were we thinking?

The post was about image theft and we used examples from pro photographer Valerie Schooling’s site and gave the impression she was doing things wrong, which she wasn’t.

To make matters worse, we somehow embedded screen captures of her site without asking her permission.  If it weren’t such a dumb thing to do, I could explain why we did it other than the obvious: she and her photos are awesome.

Naturally, her friends and other respected photographers in the industry asked us what we were thinking, and unfortunately the honest answer was, “We weren’t.”

We learned a lesson we’ll never forget because we also betrayed ourselves, since we are photographers.  We apologize for the time and angst this caused a lot of wonderful people.

Chris MacAskill
President & co-founder
Not usually so clueless

SmugMug is on StackExchange!

At long last, SmugMug is on StackExchange! What’s StackExchange and why should you care? We’re glad you asked.

"Gee whiz. Finding answers is easy!"

StackExchange is a free, community-driven Q&A where SmugMug customers can get questions like “Why would one pay for smugmug instead of use a free site?” and “Which domain should I load users’ content (photos/videos) from?” answered quickly and easily.

Think of it as an easy-to-search sweetspot between DGrin (our community forum) and our world-class heroic support, with plenty of additional perks:

  • The best answers to a question are on top. Say goodbye to wading through pages of replies.
  • Searching is easy.
  • You can quickly tell if the person answering your question knows what they’re talking about.

We’re in public beta, which is tech-speak for “we’re just getting started,” so check out our StackExchange page today to start asking and answering questions.

Big thanks to Chief Geek Don and everyone who helped get this awesome, new resource set up!

How to Point, Shoot and Share Without an Expensive Camera – GIVEAWAY

We know you’re busy scouring the web for end-of-year deals, so we’ll make this quick.

Photographer Will Crockett makes it his mission to help you take better photos at all your festive fêtes. Don’t haul 17 lenses to your next party – take great shots with just one camera, whether it’s compact or complex. Crockett has put out a DVD on how to point, shoot, and share with the camera you’ve got, and we’ve giving away free copies to 10 lucky Smuggers.

Win This DVD in Two Words

Enter to win one of 10 copies of Will Crockett’s instructional DVD, Point, Shoot & Share. Here’s how you can get yours:

1. Browse his site HERE.
2. Based on that, fill in the blanks:

“The video will show you how to POINT YOUR CAMERA IN THE ____  ____.” (Hint: See the “POINT” info page)

3. Email your guess to pss[at]crockettco[dot]com.

Be one of the first 10 people to post the right answer and Will Crockett’s team will ship you a copy to keep or share. You’ll get great info and take better photos of this year’s most memorable moments. How’s that for a happy holiday?

UPDATE: The giveaway is now over and the winners have been contacted. Thanks so much!

Sales Tax Payout, Comment, Video and bug fixes

Pro Sales Tax Payout

Those of you who have been taking advantage of our handy sales tax tool will be happy to know that you can expect regular payouts of the taxes you’ve collected. We’ll start despositing them on a monthly or a quarterly basis, depending on the amount you’ve accrued:

  • Monthly: If your tax amount withheld is over $25 we’ll deposit it on the first business day after the 7th of the month.
  • Quarterly: (Jan, Apr, July, Oct) If your tax amount withheld is over $5, we’ll deposit it the first business day after the 7th of the month.

If you have any questions at all about tax collection and if you need to be charging sales tax, please check with your local tax authority.

A few comment-related fixes

  • The unhide comments link was hiding when you refreshed the gallery page. We fixed that.
  • If you’ve chosen to display just your nickname on your site, your comment notification emails will reflect this – and not reveal your full name.
  • Any time you enter your email address while posting a comment, it’ll appear in the “Reply-to” field so the gallery owner can reply to you. Previously, this option was only open to commenters that weren’t logged in to their own SmugMug account.

Video-related improvements

  • You can upload video files up to 1 GB in size! They still must be under 10 minutes in length, but you can cram a lotta action and detail in 600 sweet seconds. Give this a try and let us know if you hit any bumps in the road. We’re listening.
  • When you upload a video file, we’ll display the “Processing” thumbnail immediately so you’ll know right away if it arrived safely.
  • Folks on 3G phones on iOS 3.1.3 should be able to watch videos once again.
  • Videos shot in portrait orientation on the iPhone 4 no longer get stretched out of shape.
  • We had a blip accepting some Animoto movie files, but they should all upload seamlessly like before.

Bug Fixes

  • Customers with custom domains were having issues with videos, slideshows and the card creator not working in certain browsers if the source gallery was passworded and external links turned off. If this sounds familiar, try it now. It works.
  • Windows visitors trying to watch videos using Chrome shouldn’t be prompted to update Flash when they’ve already done so.
  • If you upload multiple files, they shouldn’t get shuffled and will retain the order in which you queued them in the uploader.

Have a great weekend!

The SmugMug Family

Thank You Prints, Stickers, Event Marketing and bug fixes

While we were releasing batch after batch of bug fixes and tweaks, we also had a few secrets up our sleeves. It’s time to unveil a groundbreaking new feature for our Pro Smuggers: custom Thank You Prints and Stickers.

Order Branding: Your logo from start to finish.

You’ve had the ability to brand your shopping cart, but we dialed this feature up to eleven. Design your own thank you notes that get included with your print orders and put custom stickers on the outside of the shipping box.  Sound cool? It is.

Getting mail never looked so good.

Enable your Thank You Prints and Stickers for just $1 per order. Turn them on in your Control Panel > Pros tab and fine-tune them in your gallery settings, under Printing. You can also use either lab:

  • EZ Prints: They’ll add a Thank You Print to any order that contains prints, and add Stickers to any order that contains merchandise. You can also put a custom Sender Name on the return label so your customers know who the shipment is from.
  • Bay Photo: Get Thank You Prints and/or stickers added to any order, any time.

We hope you and your customers are as ecstatic as we are.  Look here for the full details and feel free to let us know what you think about these great new additions.  Want to talk about it, ask questions, show off your branding?   Head over to Dgrin.

Current Events

You’ll notice that our Events feature also got a few improvements:

  • Just like the rest of your site, Events are now NiceName compatible. This means we’ll make a friendly URL from your Event name, so your guests can remember the links easily. But you can always adjust it if you wish.
  • Events (and Sharegroups) are unlisted by default, so your private galleries aren’t revealed even if you forget to click that button during setup. Don’t forget that this means the URL will have a code of letters and numbers at the end of the NiceName; include that when you copy the link. Of course, you can leave your Event public  to get the simplest URL.
  • You can also arrange galleries in your Event, so click the new Arrange mode checkbox and drag your thumbnails get organized.
  • Sharing your Event just got a bit more powerful, too. Enter multiple email addresses in the Participant email field and separate them with a comma.
  • We’ve also given you Macros so you can easily copy and paste terms into your messages and ensure that you get the information right — regardless of how many guests you’re emailing in a go.
  • Have you revised our default share message and love what you wrote? Save it as a Template and use it again and again when emailing guests from that Event.

All this information has been added to our help page here. We’ve got even more exciting improvements in the works for this feature, so don’t be shy if you’ve got feedback for us.

The Bug Fix

Some of you wrote to us because you were having stubborn items not staying put when shopping. We’ve made a change to our cart so adding items should work across all browsers, especially if the site has set a custom domain.

That’s it from us this week. Enjoy your new features and we’ll see you next time!

All the best,

The SmugMug Family

Dgrin Upgrade and Bug Fixes

This week is another potpourri of fixes to keep your sharing, browsing and storing options as smooth as possible.

First up: Our discussion forums, Digital Grin, got a big software update tonight. We hope it’s a totally painless experience for all of you, but if you see something that looks funky flag us down here in this thread.

Fixes and Repairs

  • We’re sorry to all of you who were receiving errant comment notifications for photos that weren’t yours. With a little detective work, we pinned the problem down and are glad to say that it’s been fixed. If you still happen to get the odd email please ping our heroes, but we hope that we’ve quieted the disquiet.
  • Socialites using the Get a Link and Be Social features can more easily cycle through the image picker. It’s better. Faster. And now you don’t have to laboriously click backwards if you’ve reached the end to go back to the beginning of the gallery. Enjoy the endless loop!
  • The Popular Photos box was throwing in extra images from other users when you tried to buy multiple photos or view a slideshow of all the images. We’ve removed the extras and, hopefully, the confusion.
  • We fixed the flipped ascending/descending Auto Sort feature that a few Smuggers were seeing in their gallery settings. Please check to be sure it works as expected.
  • If you have large number of photos in a galleries and are using the Thumbnails viewing style, the single image picker works on all the thumbs, whether or not you’re scrolling down the page.
  • Checking Hide Owner in your gallery settings should properly update the URL preview at the top, under “Essentials.”

We hope you have a great weekend!

The SmugMug Family