Saturday Bug Fixes

Last night, we released some new code, including some bug fixes:

  • Updated some help pages to fix errors and layout problems
  • Fixed the ‘add photo’ button styling for new galleries. Still have an issue for non-new galleries.
  • Fixed some bad HTML on the stats pages
  • Subcats line on gallery creation now points to your control panel
  • Searching works now when the search bar is short
  • Logging in and out on the standard footer now works
  • Fixed batch add-to-cart alignment issues
  • Pro pricing now defaults to Gallery level pricing first, rather than Image.
  • Updated the homepage HTML and CSS
  • Updated the spacing on the slideshow style
  • Updated all the marketing pages, except the tours & Pro page, to use the new style and design
  • Enjoy!

    Tracking 'At Cost' Sales

    Unfortunately, smugmug doesn’t allow you to track ‘at cost’ (ie, no custom pro pricing) sales. Luckily, there’s a way to get very close.

    Simply price all of your items you’d like to track a mere $0.01 higher than smugmug’s base price. In the Custom Pro Pricing tool, the quick pricing feature makes this a breeze.

    For example, if 4x6s normally sell for $0.29, they’ll now sell for $0.30 from your account – very close to ‘at cost’, and yet, you’ll see the purchases appear in your normal sales reports.

    How To Block 'At Cost' Sales

    Lots of our Pros already do this, but apparently not everyone. We’ll think of a better way to explain it in our help sections and alongside the tools, but for now, here’s a great tip:

    Simply go to the Custom Pro Pricing tool and choose to set pricing on your entire Portfolio. Enter $0.00 in all the boxes (you can do this easily by using the quick pricing options on the top of the tool). Save your pricing using the ‘update pricing’ button at the bottom of the form.

    Now, no-one will ever be able to buy photos ‘at cost’ from you ever again. Now you can individually price specific galleries and/or photos to your specific pricing and it will override the $0.00 Portfolio pricing.

    phase 1 bug fixes round 2

    Found some more buggies and squashed them!

  • Funky logging out then immediately back in has been fixed.
  • Viewing invidual photos no longer has alignment issues
  • Made the homepage more XHTML compliant
  • RSS and Atom feed buttons show up again now. New art, too.
  • Content of the page on cobranded/customized pages no longer starts too soon
  • Fixed alignment of some navigation arrows.
  • Alignment of the shipping/taxes/etc area of the shopping cart has been fixed
  • Alignment fixed on organize galleries
  • Alignment fixed on all photo tools
  • Alignment of ‘add to cart’ fixed on Elegant & Elegant Small
  • Fixed broken HTML on the browse page
  • Whew! As always, let us know if there’s a problem you’re seeing that we haven’t fixed!

    I thought we'd hear shrieking!

    We didn’t say too much about our new home page with all the, erem, loud colors &#8212 but we were sure we’d hear about the hot pink, the green that clashes, the button that’s lighter pink than the rest…

    smugmug home page

    But all we’ve heard is good so far… If you hate it tell us why!

    The main thing we’re concerned with is does it work, as measured by the conversion % of people who click through from Google ads and then sign up. If the only real problem is to be ignored, doesn’t seem like we’ll have that problem.

    Why are we the only photo sharing site with black pages?

    phase 1 bug fixes

    As always, we had a small number of bugs. They’ve been fixed, and we’ll contiue to fix more as we find them.

    So far:

  • Fixed a problem with cobranding/customization in communities
  • Tightened up the Elegant style to make sure there’s no scrolling to see the main photo on 1024×768 with default toolbars on IE6. A few pixels were getting cut off
  • In IE6, the size of the “tours” box on the new homepage was off by 10 pixels. Fixed
  • Fixed various alignment & centering issues
  • Maybe a few more minor ones I haven’t mentioned, but I think that’s mostly it.

    new layout phase 1

    The first phase of our new layout system is complete. On the surface, only the homepage, header, and footer changed much. Deeper, though, the framework has been laid to finally remove all table-based layout and go completely with style sheets. Hopefully you’ll see much easier, more powerful customization in the near future.

    There’s already a discussion thread about the changes on Digital Grin. Join in!


  • New homepage!
  • New header!
  • New footer!
  • New stylesheets!
  • Easier crop tool (advanced options are hidden by default)
  • Shipping drop-down wording changed for state. Some of our friends in the UK were getting confused, hopefully this is more clear.
  • When in the cart, “return to browsing” will now save your cart state.
  • Fixed links to organize and sort galleries on the category & subcategory displays