Phase 3 Complete!

Alright, whew, we’ve rolled out Phase 3 of our CSS & customization overhaul. This should be the last one that affects customer’s current customization.

Next up is Themes, the final phase of this project, which will allow everyone to customize the look & feel of each gallery individually and easily.

Changes today:

  • CSS. Homepages, Category Pages, SubCategory Pages, your Control Panel, and Community Pages all got the new CSS tags and look. Customize to your heart’s content!
  • AJAX. Your homepages, category pages, and the like have been AJAX’d so you can edit your bio, gallery titles and descriptions, etc. We’ll continue to add more AJAX as we go along.
  • There are probably a few more minor bug fixes and enhancements, but the main focus was bringing homepages & such up to the current level.

    You can see more details about the CSS changes on the custom colors help page and over on this thread at our support forum, digital grin.



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    Chris MacAskill

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    3 thoughts on “Phase 3 Complete!”

    1. I have HTML in my bio that was supporting opening hyperlinks in a new window. All of that code is now bare, showing and no longer functioning.

      I like the change in fonts, but the HTML mess-up is a big problem.

    2. In the single image style you guys have (awesomely) made it so that the image size is associated with the body class. There is only one problem with this. For the #comment, #comment_header, #sizePicker, and #imageInfo you assigned widths to the default style using the #singleImage id. That means that I have no easy way to style these items based upon the image size. For instance I can’t just use .Large #sizePicker { width:800px; } because your #singleImage #sizePicker { width:750px; } overrules it.

      The fix should be simple enough (although tedious typing). Just a matter of assigning the 750px width to each available size class rather than the singleImage id.

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