smugmugging from Iraq

Damage to Believer's Palace

Smugmug user Scheherazade accepted a job to work in the Green Zone in Baghdad, and has been documenting her life in Iraq through the lens of her camera. She has documented everything from being fired at by 107mm rockets to constructing new compound walls. There are some stunning pictures of the damage to Iraqi palaces and the armored SUVs that are used to shuttle civilians and military around.

To check out her galleries:

Phase 4 complete!

Got a sweet new update for you today. 🙂

New features:

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  • PNG Support! Making beautiful themes really requires PNG support, so smugmug has it now. It behaves just like GIFs, where we actually make JPGs for smaller sizes, so make sure you’re linking to your Original for any PNGs.
  • Right-click protection enhancements. Now only fires when you’re clicking on an image, not the entire page. Always remains enabled on images, now, too, instead of going away after one click.
  • AJAX notifications. When doing an AJAX update to your captions and such, there’s now a notification that we’re updating the data. This is especially useful for people on slower connections, like modems.
  • AJAX support for non-latin characters. We’re working on even better support of other languages, but the AJAX interfaces for entering comments, captions, etc was really mangling certain non-latin character sets. They should be supported, now.
  • Account Settings has finally been integrated into your Control Panel. We still have some work to do to make account settings both prettier and easier to use, but this is a good first step.
  • There may be more that I’m forgetting. I’ll follow up if we think of more. 🙂

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