Event Shooters, don’t forget the "Amuse-bouche"

Last week I spoke with Mark Lehner at HoofClix.com, he’s a really fine equine event photographer, and one of SmugMug’s top pros. Mark’s got a very interesting twist to his event photography – he gives away candids from each event. It’s a concept that I’ve always noted in the some of the world’s finest restaurants. When you first sit down, the waiter will bring you a small tasting of something the chef wants you to try. It’s called an Amuse-bouche, and it’s one of the finest marketing ploys ever – and why not – free food!

Here’s how Mark does it. So this trick, in conjunction with other proactive marketing such as handing out business cards, promo sheets, and the like, at the event, is realy cool. Buyers are going to be “stickier on your site,” they’ll want to pick up a candid…then, you’ve got them, they’ll buy their photos, too. Don’t give them too much — the Amuse-bouche is to titillate, not slake.

Thanksgiving and Turduckens

So I got back safe from vacation, and apparently I missed out on my family cooking a Turducken for Thanksgiving dinner. They also apparently didn’t take any pictures of it, so I completely missed out.

Not to fear though, I was able to search smugmug to find the gory details:



Pictures found on this site.

New features – November 27, 2005

We’ve got some great new features for you. But before I get to that, let me point you to how you can help sick kids all over the world – and how smugmug will help you do it.

Now, on to the features and fixes:

  • Give the gift of smugmug! We heard you loud and clear – you want to give your loved ones smugmug so you can keep up with their lives. We’re happy to oblige! (You even get to use your referral credits instead of cash!)
  • User messages allow smugmug to let you know about new features and changes in a non-spam, non-invasive way. You’ll see a few of them appear in your inbox today, and more as we need to let you know about new things.
  • Filmstrip! Our latest Style allows you to view your gallery in filmstrip mode. We’ve still got features and information to add to this one, but it’s fun none-the-less
  • More themes! Harvest, Earth, and Christmas make their debuts
  • Customization (Power/Pro): new HEAD section lets you add custom code to the HEAD section. To get better page speeds, continue to put CSS and Javascript in their respective places, though.
  • Customization (Power/Pro): new options for showing/hiding smugmug’s header/footer in case you’d like to add your own stuff, but preserve those options.
  • Customization (Power/Pro): More enhancements to help you not accidentally have broken HTML
  • The login page now has an option you can check if you’re using a public terminal (traveling, library, etc) that’ll make sure you’re not permanently logged in
  • Fullscreen slideshow is now resizable
  • Pro: order summaries are now reported in reverse order. Most recent first.
  • Pro: The spreadsheet for your orders is now accurate.
  • Fixed a problem with some keywords stop words, including “red”, “white”, “blue”, and “night”
  • I hope everyone’s excited for the holidays. This is smugmug’s busiest and most hectic time of year, so you may see a few less feature updates in the upcoming weeks. Look for lots of great stuff in early 2006, though!

    Virgin Islands

    Later today I am leaving for a little over a week to the Virgin Islands, so there won’t be any updates until after Thanksgiving. So I figured what better pictures to feature today than pictures from where I am headed?🙂

    Click on any of the images to see the gallery it is in.

    (I know I will!)

    Machu Piccu

    So one of the trips that is very high up my list of “must do” trips is the trek to Machu Piccu. I don’t know when I will get there, but I will get there someday!

    Jennifer Easterday, one of our customers, traveled there fairly recently and posted her photos in this awesome gallery.

    The bad thing about browsing all these travel galleries is that my travel list keeps getting longer and longer.🙂

    Also, please don’t forget to donate to Child’s Play, and let us know so that we can match your donation!

    For more details click here.

    Child's Play charity

    Okay, so this post is a little redundant with Don’s post, but I think this one bears repeating.

    The guys at the gaming webcomic Penny Arcade have an annual charity they run called Child’s Play. Basically it is aimed at getting sick kids in various hospitals around the country (and even a few outside of the USA) toys and video games to play with during their hospital stay. This is a fantastic way to do something good this Holiday season, so please think about donating… they have items of all price ranges on their amazon wishlists. The items go straight to the hospital of your choice, so there is nothing taken out by a middleman… your entire donation goes right into the hands of the children.

    To make it even sweeter, we are matching donations from any smugmug customer, up to a grand total of $10,000. I happen to know smugmug subscribers have already donted $500 in cash and 2 Gameboy Advance SPs. Thats a great start.🙂 There are details on how to contact us, etc on Don’s blog.

    And then, since this is blog is about stuff we find on smugmug, here is a link to their galleries from their first year!

    Please also check out the dgrin thread.

    Inky Minx

    The vast majority smugmug is filled with photography (not surprising), but that doesn’t mean every account is. We have customers who use it as an online showcase for their artwork.

    An excellent example that was sent to me today is Inky Minx.

    Her project galleries are locked, but you can check out her public portfolio. I love her style of art, and definitely think it is worth a browse. It is like visiting an art museum, but you don’t have to bother leaving your computer chair.🙂

    Her images are protected, so you will have to click through to her galleries without a preview today.