New features & fixes – February 23, 2006

Got some new features & fixes for you tonight.🙂

  • CAPTCHA on comments. We had a couple of bouts of comment spam (despite the fact that we’ve used rel=”nofollow” for years), so we finally bit the bullet and implemented CAPTCHA. Hopefully it does the trick and doesn’t get in too many people’s way. Apologies for all the comment spam earlier this week.
  • Plugged an obscure hole someone could use to get an Original, even if Originals were turned off in your gallery. As far as we can tell, no-one ever used it, and we fixed it within hours of being notified.
  • Camera model names weren’t wrapping properly in ‘smugmug small’ style.
  • There’s now a 1 second delay for ‘image preview’ on next/previous links, where available, instead of being instantaneous. Exception is Safari which is broken in this regard.
  • Eliminated the dreaded ‘photo flicker’ on IE6 if you have it set to a cache setting of ‘Every visit to the page’ and your gallery has image protection enabled.
  • mouseover popups on keywords now work better and looks nicer
  • There was a problem where you would get the wrong form if you entered your Order password incorrectly.
  • Password pages (site, gallery, order, login) now use the “new” CSS layout and blend better with the rest of the site.
  • Gallery password pages now retain the customization & theme look-and-feel if you enter a bad password.
  • Somehow the “you agree to smugmug’s terms of use” and “don’t keep me logged in – I’m at a public computer” lines got omitted from the login page in some cases. Replaced.


Tour of California

So the Tour of California kicked off it’s first year here in the SF Bay Area on Sunday. Apparently around 50k fans turned out yesterday to cheer race leader Levi Leipheimer into his hometown of Santa Rosa.

As I write this, a lot of bicycling fans I know are out waiting on Sierra Road, one of the toughest climbs of the Tour as the riders approach it.

It doesn’t take much searching to find lots of photos of the event:

Some of us smugmuggers are heading out to photograph the Time Trial in San Jose tomorrow, so if we end up with any good shots I will post a link to the gallery.🙂

Bug fixes – February 18th, 2006

Have some quick bug fixes out on the site today:

  • lightBox was breaking some old versions of Gecko-based browsers (Netscape, Mozilla, Camino, Firefox).
  • adding to the cart was also broken on those old browsers.
  • removing all keywords in some cases wouldn’t show the ‘add keywords’ link.
  • smugloupe on the Mac would resize funny when zooming in or out.
  • Very long comments in IE would wrap poorly.
  • Updated a help section to have the right CSS tag for photo keywords.
  • When in single image view, hitting the next/previous links would sometimes crash IE.
  • Right-click wasn’t consistently working with lightBox.
  • Some country-specific TLDs still weren’t working right. (If you’re still having trouble, clear ALL your cookies and try again. Probably got a bad one – sorry!)
  • Slick new stars for ratings & comments
  • Put back the nice looking cogs for adding to the cart. We’ll see if we can somehow find a middle ground between ‘nice’ and ‘fast’, but for now, we’ll stick with ‘nice’ 🙂

Hope that helps make someone’s weekend a little nicer. 🙂

New features – February 15, 2006

Wow! We’re used to releasing features that evoke an emotional response – we thrive on it. But even we were overwhelmed with the response to ‘lightBox’, our new popup replacement for viewing larger photos.

Most of you loved it and told us so in no uncertain terms. But quite a few of you hated it – and also told us so in no uncertain terms. It’s clear we took two steps forward and one step back. (Depending on your camp, I suppose it may have felt like one step forward and two steps back). What do to? Fix it, of course!

lightBox changes/fixes/improvements:

  • lightBox now loads photos progressively so you can see stuff before it’s loaded (does NOT work if you have image protection enabled – otherwise your images wouldn’t be protected)
  • got rid of the cogs. Sorry, don’t know what we were thinking – everyone hates the hourglass cursors and yet we created our own when we should have just shown the image. Dumb us!
  • got rid of the long-pregnant-pause-on-black-screen between photos (the first image on a *protected* gallery will still have a pregnant pause – otherwise your images wouldn’t be protected)
  • we now show the caption of the photo you’re viewing
  • no more lightBox popup to view movies.
  • no more screen resizing
  • no more double-scroll bars
  • Originals can now be displayed on the /Original URL page in addition to lightBox
  • added customization code to disable lightBox for those who object
  • tightened up where and when lightBox is launched. Only replaces old popup links now.

Definitely post on our support forum if there are still changes you’d like to see. We’re always interested in making every feature at SmugMug better, including lightBox.

We added a new Style, ‘Critique’:

  • Lets your viewers see one photo at a time, read reviews, and add their own.
  • Extra space for a large Caption to describe your shooting settings, what you were trying to achieve, etc.
  • All EXIF data displayed.
  • New ‘smugloupe‘ lets you zoom-in on details for a better view. Disabling Larges and Originals disables the smugloupe
  • previous / next arrows display preview thumbnails of what the next / last images were.

Some New Themes (these were released on Monday, actually):

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Christmas 2

And other fixes and enhancements:

  • adding to cart with custom domains should now work better
  • Using country-specific TLDs should properly set cookies now
  • adding movies to the cart results in error
  • ‘arrange mode’ displays HTML captions properly now
  • ‘drag & drop arrange tool’ displays HTML captions properly now
  • helpies have been improved
  • ‘single image view’ previous / next links show preview thumbs
  • the login verification page when going to your control panel and/or account settings has been improved to properly redirect you
  • arranging sharegroups had some bugs fixed
  • the ‘order complete’ page has been enhanced to be more clear about the fact that your order has really been completed.
  • new help section on cookies
  • new help section on smugloupe
  • new customization option to allow you to stop the filmstrip from auto-scrolling
  • enhanced ‘add to cart’ functionality (faster, more robust)

Whew. I think that’s it, but there may be a few others that I didn’t mention. I’ll update if I think of any more biggies.