Zions and Bryce

So this last week we hosted our annual photography shootout. Last year it was in Yosemite, and this year it was in Southern Utah in Zions and Bryce.

The photos are still rolling in, so I will probably post a few blog entries in the next few days with some of the amazing shots. But I will kick it off with our own house pro, Andy Williams.

Here is his gallery, and here are some samples:


Shawna Seto

I first saw this page linked through Dgrin, and it didn’t take long to eat up a lot of time browsing photos there.

I often try and avoid linking sites that have all the images protected, as it makes a more boring blog post without the images embedded. But in certain situations, like this one, the photos are so stunning they are definitely worth clicking through to view them.

A good place to start is the popular photos gallery:

Take the time to browse the other galleries though, there are plenty of great shots on the site!


Our customers sent…CHOCOLATE!!

Oh. My. Gosh. If you haven’t tried Dan’s Chocolates, you haven’t tasted True Decadence.

A wonderful customer suprised us with a Dan’s box with this message:

Dan's chocolate!

You can send a photo on the box top, so they lifted our photo from the Aboutus page:

SmugMug about us photo

A note from Dan warns of conspicuous consumption. It happened to me before anyone else knew the chocolates had arrived…


I have no connection to Dan’s Chocolates other than I’m newly addicted.

New features – May 18, 2006

Couple of quick additions & fixes:

  • If you’ve correctly entered your Google Maps key, but haven’t yet tagged any photos with coordinates, we’ll still show you the world map.
  • There’s now an option for “I’m using a public terminal, don’t save my password” on both gallery password and global user password pages. If checked, no cookie is recorded – only a session variable. As soon as you close your browser, access will be denied next time. Perfect for those of you who travel and use SmugMug from internet cafes.

Dang, somehow this didn’t get published. Anyway, enjoy. 🙂

Food Galleries

Are you a foodie? If so, then you will instantly be in love with this series of galleries from SmugMug user thibeault.

Want to know how to shape perfect bagels like this?

Well then, this gallery is for you! You get a step-by-step pictorial for shaping the perfect bagel.

However, if you just prefer to browse and observe, there are plenty of galleries full of delicious looking food.


New features – May 16th, 2006

It’s that time of the week again. 🙂

  • All of the elements on your homepage are now organizable. Move things up/down to your hearts content as well as hiding them on your control panel.
  • Your personal Google Maps section on your homepage will now auto-zoom to the best zoom level to encompass all your photos.
  • The drag-and-drop uploader is out of beta! It’s now the recommended and preferred uploading method to SmugMug.
  • Fixed a bug in the drag-and-drop uploader where you might get partial gray JPEGs if your connection dropped mid-way through upload. It’s now detected and discarded.
  • Added the Upload Log! You can now see what photos you’ve uploaded, whether there were any errors, how long they sat in the process queue, and then how long they took to process. This replaces our “send me email when my photos are uploaded” feature and should be much more useful.
  • Made the uploader pages look much nicer. It now blends with the design we’re graduallly rolling out to the entire site.
  • Added links to our Mac OS X uploader and Omar Shahine’s SendToSmugMug Windows uploader.
  • Minimized the links to the old broken uploaders we hate so much. 🙂 They’ll probably go away for good once we see how the drag & drop uploader works for everyone.
  • We now support custom pixel render targets. This is a relatively advanced feature, and is not nearly as fast as our standard JPEG file serving, but can come in especially handy for geeks. Simply replace the SmugMug size (“-M”) in a SmugMug JPG URL with a desired width x height pixel dimentions (“-640×480”) and we’ll render to that size. We won’t distort your image, so we’ll maintain aspect ratio, meaning you won’t get exactly what you ask for unless you specify the right aspect ratio. Also be careful rendering to large sizes when you have Larges and Originals turned off, since we have to generate them from your Mediums and they’ll look terrible.

Enjoy! We should have some other great stuff shortly, I’m hoping by the end of the week.