New features – August 31, 2006

Ok, ok, so we’ve had two releases since I last posted. I’m a slacker – I admit it. Please forgive me.

Of course, that makes it look like we have a huge release today, when really, it’s like 3 releases rolled into one. Here we go:

  • 14-day free trials instead of 7!
  • No credit card required to try SmugMug – friction free signup!
  • Can freely upgrade and downgrade between account levels during trial so you can experience them all.
  • Streamline signup process – takes you right to creating your first gallery instead of making you read a welcome page full of stuff no-one wanted to read.
  • Streamline creating gallery process – take you right to adding photos after creating a gallery, rather than dumping you on a new empty gallery.
  • Theme preview on gallery creation!
  • Upgraded the Universal Drag & Drop uploader to show both a per-photo and a per-batch status bar.
  • New Pro Pricing tool. Much faster, AJAX’d, new gradient design. Quickly price groups of products, including highlighting the ones you’ll be changing.
  • Bulk Pro Pricing – price all your galleries at once.
  • Tweaked the PhotoRank algorithm to be more fair.
  • Added ‘quick pricing’ when creating a gallery for Pros.
  • Added ‘create category’ when creating a gallery.
  • Added ‘create subcategory’ when creating a gallery.
  • Added YUI includes on all pages, rather than just some, for all of our hackers to really play with.
  • Show filenames in cart and pro order summaries.
  • Added the ability for customers to reset their Print Order password.
  • Made the upload log show only last 24 hours by default, with options to expand to recent week or month.
  • Fixed watermark fade previewer.
  • Updated the cart and catalogs to be more clear about which print sizes belong to with categories. Got rid of ‘xD’ on print size names – no-one knew what they were anyway.
  • Cancelling out of customize gallery and bulk settings now puts you back in the right place every time.
  • Setting your preferences to ‘Original’ no longer destroys Filmstrip style.
  • Made PhotoRank votes on tiny images get discarded so Popular Photos doesn’t fill up with junk.
  • Fixed sending Pro Sales emails to non-Pro users. Ooops.
  • Pro sales emails didn’t have proper totals. Oops.
  • Use the customer’s first & last names, instead of ‘A customer ordered’ in Pro sales emails.
  • Allowed setting a $0 download price (to disable it).
  • Couldn’t add to the shopping cart when only digital downloads were available (no prints).
  • Render tiny PNG transparent watermarks on-the-fly so they look better when doing custom watermarks.
  • Copying Pro pricing from one gallery to another didn’t work for digital download prices.
  • Fixed a browsing bug in SmugMug style on popular, dates, and keywords.
  • Replaced missing “map this” button on some pages.
  • Fixed bogus error message when attempting to upgrade from Pro.
  • Deleting a single photo somehow got broken. Fixed.
  • Fixed small bugs in Old Family Album, Longest Yard, Christmas, Sand, and Bon Voyage themes.
  • Fixed returning from customizing your geography.
  • Fixed a bug where orders with prints from multiple Pros and Proof-Delay could result in one Pro shipping the order before the other Pro was done.

Expanding our ranks

It’s really great when you can attract talented people to come work for you! SmugMug is very fortunate to have two new folks join our team this week – to help out on the help desk🙂

Ivar Borst and Barb Gates have been helping many of our customers already on The Dgrin Customization Forum for the past year and more. And Ivar has created a bunch of our Themes!. Both are experience Smuggers and will be wonderful additions to our help desk. So, when you next write to SmugMug Help you may hear back from some new folks!

Extreme Unicycling

I first heard of Nathan Hoover when I attended an Extreme Sports Film Festival. They showed a small clip of some insane “extreme unicyclists”, who do offroad unicycling. To say that I was amazed and captivated would be an understatement.

I went straight home and ordered a copy of “Into the Thunder Dragon“, and made everyone I know watch it. I highly recommend picking up a copy from that link if you are interested in watching two insane people unicycle offroad across Bhutan.

So imagine my surprise when I recently discovered that one of those two unicyclists, Nathan Hoover, has a site on SmugMug. It’s pretty much awesome.

Here are a few samples from his trip to Bhutan that they turned into the film.


Do you think I'm hot?

Chris MacAskill, hottieThat much-read and hilarious blog of Silicon Valley, Valleywag, somehow put me in a hottie contest against Philip Rosedale, who’s very popular and actually maybe a little bit hot.

But you should vote for me anyway! If I make it past this round of voting, they’re threatening to use a really scandalous photo in the next.