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Work  from home in your jammiesSmugMug’s mantra for our help desk was shamelessly stolen from Mark Twain, who wrote: “Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”

We do our best to astonish our customers by answering help email in minutes.

We do it by hiring people who know and love SmugMug and its customers. They work full or part-time, from our help center in Salt Lake City, Utah, or from their homes in their jammies.

Ivar, for example, works from Utrecht in the Netherlands. His specialty is helping customize. Barb Gates from Boise, Idaho, has the digital photography fever and came to us by way of our community.

Ivar and Barb are customers who have the passion. They both work (play?) part-time, from their homes, to the delight of many SmugMug customers who receive quick, friendly and knowledgeable advice from them.

Our customers come from every walk of life. What binds them is their passion for life’s memories.

If helping them while sprawled on the couch with a laptop sounds like a dream job, why not drop help at smugmug dot com a line to get more info?

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8 thoughts on “Work at home in your jammies”

  1. Greetings Baldy,

    I’ve been a Smugger for a couple years or so and am still amazed by the quality of service and attention you guys afford. I have to say I’m skilled at many things but a master of none of them (yet?). As my Dgrin slogan reads since signup, “Aspiring to be Andy”. I’m frequently checking and/or responding in the Dgrin forums and love to help out. If there’s any way I can be of service, just say the word.


  2. Hello I saw the posting in dgrin that smugmug is hiring or looking for help. Since I am always online at home I was interested and wanted to know what exactly are you looking for or how would this work, I dont know CSS at all still learning though. So I may not be any good at helping people with customizing their sites.

    Pleae get back to me

  3. Hello Chris,

    I have been wanting to ask Andy, for sometime now, whether I could be of some sort of assistance to you folks. I love this obsession (photography) and as you may have noticed, if you have read any of my posts. I am always polite and I try my best to be helpful to others.

    I am currently working as a mortgage broker and I have lots of free time. While not necessarily a techno-geek, I do have a broad background in electronics. I am also very familar with post processing and photograpic techniques. In my past life I was a Director of Manufacturing (for Seagate and Conner) and I lead the efforts to obtain ISO9000 certification at Conner. The first disk drive company to receive this certification. I was also a Total Quality Control Director at a company called Priam. I am extremely customer oriented and I know how to address and resolve problems. Quality results and keeping customers satified have been my mantra for over 20 years. Even my mortgage business is mostly a “by referal” business. In that, I do such a good job, repeat clients and referrals from past clients make up 75% of my business.

    I have always admired what you and your extended family have done with Smugmug and Dgrin. I thank you for letting me be a part of this exciting enterprise over the last few years. If I can be more helpful, I’d enjoy the opportunity to discuss this with you or Andy. I’d also relish the opportunity to make a few additional dollars.

    No pressure Chris. If you can’t use my talents, so be it. It won’t change my view of you or the sites🙂

    Have a great day,


  4. Looks like guys in India (where I live and work) and probably elsewhere too have become conditioned to pathetic service because they get excited about even being treated with courtesy. I had one prospect become my customer primarily because he thought our customer service (pre-sales) was extraordinary. Every information that he sought for was given almost instantly and politely and it appears that he was floored by the quality and speediness of our responses. It is so simple (not easy though) that I wonder why others aren’t doing it??

    With such lousy competition why advertise?

  5. I have to say, my experiences with your customer service folk, both via email and in the forums, has been an example of what great customer service should be. They have answered rapidly, and have usually made things easy and smooth that could have been hard or that other companies would have just said ‘no’ to.

    Admittedly, I love smugmug’s other features, and have not only my own photos, but my church’s galleries on smugmug. But when I brag on you guys, I always mention the great & responsive support folk.

    thanks for the attitude you obviously have,

    p.s. Just a quick mention of a particular person on your team… I came across your page about free accounts for non-profits a while ago. Since our church site had been paid and working happily for some time, I contacted Markham Bennett to see if we qualified. We did, and he made the migration, features offered, and everything so smooth and effortless it was just a pleasure to work with him. All the questions I had that might have been hassles or tripping points at other companies were just no problem and answers beyond my hopes with him. Thanks smugmug and thanks Markham!

  6. Good Morning Chris,

    You came highly recommended to me from your sister Robin:) I am currently seaking part time employment where I can work from home. I spoke to Robin about it and that is when she informed me about what she does. I am very interested in working part time with SmugMug. Currently I am employed with EZPrints. I spoke with my manager to ensure that this would not be a conflict of interest prior to emailing you. I am ready to start ASAP. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.

    Sonya Pearsall

    PS Please tell Robin I said hi and thanks.

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