Speed, Beauty & Brains Part Deux – Jan 22, 2007

As always, we had some bug fixes to take care of after such a major release. After nearly two months of beta testing with all of our users, you’d have thought we’d have nailed them all in advance, but a few slipped through. Most of it revolved around advanced customization techniques.

If you’re having problems customizing with this new release, check out this Digital Grin thread.

Here’s a list:

  • Made the new share interface remember whether you like to share via Email or on Forums & Blogs. One less click = more better.
  • SmugMug Small now works properly again if you’ve customized your gallery to use it. There’s also a new JavaScript variable to control it site-wide or on a gallery-by-gallery basis.
  • CSS: #photoKeywords {display: none;} still works to hide keywords on your pages.
  • Re-added filenames under the caption so Power and Pro users can display them along with the Caption. CSS: #fileNameBoxWrapper { display: block; }
  • Fixed a bug where using JavaScript to disable the PhotoRank thumbs wasn’t working in all cases.
  • Fixed a bug where disabling lightBox using JavaScript wasn’t working in all cases.
  • Fixed a bug where if comments were disabled in your gallery settings, they might still appear on your gallery.
  • The new pagepicker threw a fit on one gallery with 27,000+ pages (400,000+ photos). Fixed.
  • Apostrophes in filenames broke display in galleries. Fixed.
  • Custom pro pricing was being flaky. Fixed.
  • Adding a photo to your cart from a custom domain was broken. Fixed.
  • Fixed a display bug when cropping photos.

Thanks for your patience and for helping us out – it’s been great hearing how much everyone loves the new interface!

Speed, Beauty & Brains – January 22nd, 2007

Wow, this one was much more painful and took far longer than we anticipated. Thanks so much to the thousands of you that helped us beta-test it over the last 1.5 months. We really do appreciate it and it’s a much better release thanks to you.

On with the show:

  • Speed – faster than ever
    • For the SmugMug style, there are no longer “pages”, so moving from photo to photo and “page” to “page” is massively faster.
    • No more scrolling when you change pages or photos, it’ll always keep your position.
    • Keyboard navigation makes going from photo-to-photo and page-to-page even faster.
  • Beauty – clean and pristine
    • The new photoBar slides out when you mouse over a photo, and contains most of the links that were cluttering up your pages.
    • The new EXIF window keeps you on the page while showing you lots of photo details. Drag it around wherever you’d like, and it’ll keep updating as you go from photo to photo.
    • New Save Photo icon is far easier to find than the old text link. (Of course disabling Originals in your gallery settings will remove this, as always)
    • Comments now use your Bio photo, if you have one set.
  • Brains – juiced up the IQ, too
    • Photo comments can be left and read right from the main page – no longer need to click through to a separate photo comments page.
    • Can hide gallery comments entirely and just focus on the photo comments.
    • the lightBox now remembers what photo you were viewing so when you close it, you’ll still be on the right one.
    • lightBox URLs are now permalinks, so you can copy & share at will
    • activity notifications, including a throbber, so it’s obvious when things are happening in the UI.
    • perfect browser history, including forward & back buttons and bookmarks, across all three major browsers – IE6/7, Firefox, and Safari. An internet first, we believe.

Oh, yes, there is just one more thing… There’s a new sharing interface, including an address book, HTML emails with embedded photos, and detailed tracking of exactly who’s read your email and whether they’ve clicked through to see your photos or not. Look for the ‘Share’ button in your galleries. Enjoy!

PS – All account levels now have unlimited traffic levels. No bandwidth restrictions!

Colorado Blizzard

While I was looking for seasonal snow pictures, I found two galleries from different users with shots from the blizzard in Colorado this last month.

Click on each image to go to the corresponding gallery.

The first had this adorable (and cold) dog:

And the second had these awesome frost patterns on their windshield: