One Third of the Job.

Guys, let’s face it: Color, color management, and skin tones are make or break for us. It’s essentially right behind “too-dark” as the number one reason why prints get rejected. Complicate matters with a wedding, where every shot is going to not only be scrutinized closely by the bride, and the families, but they want them to look perfect! We as pros have come to the realization that shooting is 2/3s of the job and what we do in post, in the “digital darkroom,” is final 1/3 of the job. You can choose to become a nut about color, about color management, and about Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, i2e or other software apps. Or you can let SmugMug do it for you.

So here is an example – and one in which many folks need some help, based on the number of problems I see. It is very easy with digital to oversaturate African-American skin, as well as get too much yellow or green. Since there were several hundred shots, all with the same problem, I used i2e to remove the green/yellow cast, and lower the saturation. At the same time, I raised the shadows a notch, as well as the midtones. Finally, sharpening for print and done.

So why am I such a big fan of i2e? It just works, and works well. It cranks through hundreds of images, with stunning results, in no time. While I said that proper post-processing is 1/3 of our job, it doesnt’ mean it has to be time-consuming and a chore that we dread. Sure, I use Photshop every day in my work, both for my own shoots, as well as for SmugMug. But I won’t ever give up my i2e. I believe that tools such as this are going to become more important and more popular… not everyone has the time or energy to become Photoshop Masters!

We as pros have to remember that our job isn’t done after the reception. It’s done when we have prints that the B&G, the parents, the family, will be thrilled with. And order, and buy. But what if things go wrong? No worries, we’ve got your back. Just drop a line, Attn: Andy, to our help desk and I’ll take care of you!

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  1. Too bad. I found out that i2e is only available for windows. Is there another program that you would recommend for Mac users?

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