Be different or be damned

How many photos from business magazines can you remember? Execs fuss over their ties, their hair…and their photos are forgotten in a sea of sameness.

Not this one:

arnold schwarchenegger

I heard Jeff Bezos (Amazon’s CEO) say, “The only real problem in life is to be ignored.” I love this shot of Ahnold because it’s different. You can’t ignore it.

We didn’t think of that when we dyed our hair green and snapped a photo in 2004. We just celebrated being profitable & loving our jobs.

Talk about a photo that didn’t get ignored… We just saw it on page 6 of Business Week:


Thank you Fast Company (and photographer Phillip Toledano) for a great shot of Ahnold. You made my photography-loving day.

Solomon Islands

While searching for photos of the Solomon Islands, following the news of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami, I found this gallery from SmugMug customer “Pilar“.

Admittedly, the photos are from a variety of islands, and I have no way to tell which came from which. So with that disclaimer out of the way, here are some shots that grabbed me: