The book that rocked SmugMug

The last people you’d expect to read a book about diet would be thin, Coke-drinking, bacon and burger-loving young geeks.

But The China Study rocked the house, getting half of SmugMug’s 25 people and 3-dozen of our dearest friends to completely change what we eat. I didn’t dare blog about it for a year because who knew how many people would grow tired of our new diets and quit? Or gain back lost weight…

Amazing, but none of us have. Andy lost 50 pounds and kept it off. Several lost 25, everyone feels better, blood tests improved, and our diabetic friend had his blood sugar drop enough that his doctor reduced his insulin.

The China Study

I got so fascinated I read a dozen other books and maybe 30 research reports. The books that moved us most were:

Eat To Live

Healthy at 100

The Omnivore’s Dilemma

The bottom line is most of us now eat mostly plants and some fish. Whole plants, not refined. It sounds awful but my 4 kids and their spouses uncovered yum recipes and our tastes adjusted so we no longer crave the stuff we once ate. We’re not hungry, don’t feel deprived, and we all feel we have the best Christmas and Easter dinners ever.

Well… All but Mark. He’s not so fond of veggies yet. 🙂 And our dogs think we’ve gone insane.

What made The China Study different from a thousand diet books we had always ignored? Data. And compelling peer-reviewed science from people with real scientific stature published in the leading journals.

It’s the most important book I’ve read in 10 years.