New shipping calculator – September 21st, 2007

After lots of feedback from our customers, we decided to design our own shipping calculator for print orders. This brings an end to the cart slowdown some were seeing as they waited for our printing partner to serve up shipping methods and prices. Nobody seems to miss it!🙂

At the same time, we made some pricing changes. Shipping rates are now simple and predictable and a lot easier on the wallet for our customers who order 100s of prints in one go. If you order prints larger than 5×7, they’ll now go via Express or faster shipping, so you can track your order and it’s less likely to get lost in the mail (doh!). Details here.

Also in this release:

  • Made a change to our new control panel so it remembers the tab you visited last. This is yet another improvement that came directly from fantastic customer feedback. It was an easy enough change for us to make and it saves our customers an extra click. Win-win.
  • Added NickName and DisplayName parameters to API login methods.
  • Added image replace functionality to the API.
  • Updated our control panel help page to give lots more info about all the goodies in each tab.
  • Shined up some other help pages and updated help videos as well.
  • Two new deals were added to ClubSmug! SmugMuggers now get deals at DXO and fotoflot.
  • Based on customer feedback, we now limit the “guests” who login to a pro account via a guest password so that they cannot view or change anything on the “Pros”, “Customize”, or “Settings” tabs in the control panel. Guests cannot see the referrals section under the “Stats” tab either.
  • Added XFN and FOAF support. What in the world are those?
  • SmugMug’s homepage is now wider. This will allow us to showcase more goodies, contests, etc. so check there often!

Big release – September 4th, 2007

Last night we made some neat improvements, much-needed bug fixes, and… bumped up the file size limit on every SmugMug account!🙂

  • We started hearing from Standard users that files straight from their cameras were over our 8 mb limit. True, they could compress them a bit and still see stunning image quality. However, we wanted to stay ahead of the curve with this so we decided to bump Standard and Power accounts up to 12 mb per file, and Pro accounts up to 24 mb per file. We updated the help page accordingly.
  • The uploader page is now even better, and we’re proud to introduce the MacDaddy uploader, written from scratch in-house. It blows our previous Mac stand-alone uploader out of the water. More.
  • We now correctly update the EXIF when we auto-rotate images on upload.
  • Feeds now properly respect passwords and follow the rest of the site functionality. You’ll now see what you should see, depending on whether you’ve entered the appropriate site-wide or gallery password, whether you’re logged in as account owner, whether you’ve previously visited a sharegroup containing a private gallery, and whether you’re tagged as a “friend” and able to bypass the site-wide password. Clear as mud? Basically, feeds should “just work” now.🙂
  • We’re thrilled to announce two new partners on ClubSmug. In particular, Philips is giving SmugMuggers $70 off every Digital PhotoFrameTM ordered in the next month. Whoop!
  • Go check out your SmugMug control panel. Words do not do the slick-tabbed-improvements justice. You’ll also see a new ClubSmug section where we’ll add new deals from our partners that we want to pass on to you!
  • We made some more changes with UTF-8 characters, so we now support them in share emails. Some captions were breaking lightbox, and this is also fixed.
  • Updated focal points in the EXIF for 1D Mark III and 30D cameras.
  • Fixed a bug in the add to cart interface where the quantity displayed was slow to update.
  • We implemented YUI 2.3 and cleaned up some javascript while we were at it.
  • Lots of help page enhancements. Notably, we now have a visual indicator when a link will expand to give you more information (duh). Our new upload troubleshooting page is a good example.
  • You’ll find some new links in the help page menu, including easy-to-find links to the Pro FAQ, the Customization FAQ, ClubSmug, SmugMug’s Artists-in-Residence, and Andy’s Fast Start for Pros.

New features – August 2007

We had two great releases this month that satisfied some long-standing feature requests, and squashed an annoying Norton security software bug. Enjoy!

  • Filenames now show for you and your visitors throughout the cart and on your order status page. Just toggle the “filenames” option to “yes” in your gallery settings.
  • Pros! On your pro pricing page, you’ll find that when you set custom prices for a gallery, the portfolio prices are now displayed right there for your reference. Ditto for image pricing: you’ll see gallery and portfolio pricing right there. A small change that should make pricing much easier.
  • We have a hot new uploader page. You’ll be defaulted to the correct tab (Win or Mac) and you’ll like what you find there. 🙂

    Windows users will see a new, “Simple” uploader along with the familiar choices. We’ve added links to a few cool plugins for Mac users. Plus, it looks so much nicer. Take a peek.

  • We auto-rotate images that have proper EXIF orientation tags in them.
  • UTF8 characters should work around the site now. This includes captions, comments, gallery descriptions, gallery titles, bio, and more. You shouldn’t be foiled by Ö ç © † ® å Ô ñ ¡ and the like. This does not include keywords, however.
  • Comment Captcha is no longer required for Logged-In SmugMuggers.
  • The shopping cart used to choke on some characters like & and ‘. All you O’Neils can now place orders without a hitch.
  • A recent Norton update caused IE7 and IE6 users to crash when viewing smugmug style. The culprit was a Norton “helper” add-on that came with the update. We gave up on Norton fixing the problem, but our own Web Superhero came through. Thanks Jimmy!
  • Changes on the backend of the shopping cart to speed things up. You should be able to put hundreds of images in your cart without long load times.
  • The introduction of a slick new add to cart interface! Click “buy this photo” in any gallery and you’ll see something beautiful. A clean, organized way to add multiple items to your cart from the same image. You can view pricing, get the low-down on print finishes, and tell at a glance which print sizes are available without cropping for the image.
  • Logged-in pros can now see the price their customers will see, as well as the SmugMug default price they’ll pay for prints, in the new add-to-cart interface. No more logging out to double-check you’ve properly set prices.

iPhones and more enhancements – July 2007

You may have noticed several SmugMuggers love their iPhones. We played with them all month and you can read the details on the iPhone support beginning on Don’s blog.

Here’s the short story. Round 1:

  • A link from your homepage to iPhone if you’re browsing on your phone.
  • A link on your iPhone back to ‘Full Homepage’ so you can go back to regular SmugMug
  • A cookie so if you’ve visited your iPhone interface, it remembers that you’d like to browse that way. Don’t want it anymore? It clears itself if you hit ‘Full Homepage’ on your phone.
  • Browsing your most popular photos.
  • Browsing through your photos by date. Full timeline supported.
  • A green & black interface to get more similar to SmugMug’s traditional color scheme.

Round 2:

  • Global SmugMug interface now. You can search & browse through the entire SmugMug site using iPhone, not just individual homepages.
  • Added search to both the global and user interfaces.
  • Added Friends & Family links so you can easily browse through your social network and that of your friends and their friends and….
  • Added a Keywords browsing interface.
  • Spiffy UI improvements to make things look nicer and feel faster.
  • Fixed a rotation bug where the images wouldn’t properly re-render.

We did tear ourselves away from the new toys long enough to make some other nice improvements:

  • Fixed a long-time bug with the featured gallery box on your homepage. If you removed the first featured gallery, then the entire box would not show up. It is now works as it should.
  • Made a small change to Dark Sand theme. All Words Had First Letter Capitalized. It Looked Dumb And Some People Didn’t Like It.
  • Fixed a Grey Theme bug.
  • Pros! If you have lots of sales, we made your life easier. You can now filter your pro sales page: “show all,” “show paid,” “show not paid.”
  • Pros! We added the amount your customer paid for shipping to the pro sales page, as some folks needed this amount for tax purposes.
  • The pro sales .csv download file now includes filename and shipping amount in the report.
  • Pros! Your own Proof Delay orders now, when you are logged in, and ordering from a proof delay gallery, will BYPASS proof delay automagically.
  • Lots of help page updates, and new ClubSmug goodies.

A few small releases – June 2007

We’ve been working on making SmugMug more visitor-friendly and helping free-trialers get their feet wet, so you may not have noticed many of the changes we made this month.

  • All-new Visitor help pages!
  • New whypay page.
  • We now limit SmugMug indexing of keywords to 15. You can still enter as many as you want, but only the first 15 will be indexed.
  • You can now create a gallery and add photos to any existing gallery right from your homepage. Introducing the new, more powerful “Add photos” menu/button!
  • New, more friendly landing page for free trialers.
  • Ironed out some of the SmugIslands and search kinks.
  • Fixed caching issue on popular photos box

SmugIslands and more – released May 2007

Lots of exciting additions this month, along with a few tweaks and bug fixes.

  • Your own private island! We’d been dreaming about, preparing for (lots more servers), and testing this feature for months before releasing it because we wanted to get it right . You’ve had a few months to play with it… how’d we do?
  • Updated privacy help page to include the paradise that is a SmugIsland.
  • New Products: Playing Cards and 6-Tile Mosaic.
  • Timeline for everyone!
  • Fixed the problem if you were following a link to an ajax URL that was in a passworded gallery, the URL would fail after logging in and you would go to the first image in a gallery instead of the image intended.
  • Made it so we now notify visitors if they have JS disabled – We now tell them to switch styles or enable javascript.
  • Fixed broken USPS tracking link in ship emails.
  • Fixed adding to the cart from a keyword single image page
  • Fixed it so we now strip out periods in category and subcategory names
  • Fixed It’s a Boy, Fresh Air theme bugs
  • A whole bunch of API changes/bug fixes.
  • Our first Serbian SmugMugger! (Serbia is now a billing country choice.)
  • Added ability to putting the site in Read-only mode during maintenance periods – thus keeping your photos online and viewable while we upgrade infrastructure🙂
  • Last, but really cool: ClubSmug!

Themes, bug fixes, and loot – released April 2007

Lots of bug fixes and some great new goodies this month.

  • In some webmail clients (squirrel mail), some of the text in share emails was invisible (black on black). We cleaned up some of the HTML so it forced the text to white.
  • Lots of API changes and fixes.
  • Fixed titles and descriptions on SmugMug Popular feeds.
  • For comments posted by SmugMug users, the user comments feed incorrectly identified the poster as the owner of the image/gallery. This is fixed.
  • (Finally!) Fixed the annoying login/logout bug. Account switching is now painless.
  • Fixed the javascript error with maps and passworded sites. If you had a viewing password set and a map on your homepage, we would load the maps javascript but not some other stuff. This would cause a javascript error when you were logged in.
  • Fixed mysterious “main image missing” problem with smugmug viewing style.
  • From the Obscure Department: Searching for multiple keywords when one of them (not the first) happened to be a CSS class would produce a funky broken page. This is fixed.
  • Adding photos to your cart from lightbox now properly shows the progress floatie in front of lightbox.
  • If a customer is using anchor names on one of their pages for aiding navigation, we no longer mess it up by assuming it’s our navigation.
  • We encoded things like % and ‘ in filenames so they don’t break pages.
  • Shiny new and more informative shipping page.
  • Right-click protection now carries over into the shopping cart pages.
  • New Smug theme: SmugMug Gradient White . This allows standard users to force the built-in white style.
  • New Colors theme: White because some like it simple.
  • New Events theme: It’s a Boy! . Girls ruled the theme scene for nearly a year, but boys finally came through in style.
  • New products for sale! Mounted canvas prints, and their more affordable cousins Rolled canvas prints arrived, along with 10×20 and 12×12 prints.