Small release – October 23rd, 2007

You asked for it…

After hearing lots of feedback from customers gushing and griping about our last release, we decided to make SmugMungous even easier to love.

  • Want your older photos to get the SmugMungous display sizes as well? Just use the new “SmugMungous” photo tool (in the photo tools menu).
  • We changed the “customize gallery” page to be more intuitive. You can now toggle the largest size you’d like displayed to your viewers. Pros can still choose medium as their largest size (blocking large, XL, X2L, X3L, and originals).
  • Power and standard users can now choose XL as their largest viewing size (blocking X2L, X3L, and originals).
  • Fixed a bug preventing power users from having their custom sharpening settings “stick” once they set them.
  • Updated API to support the new SmugMungous changes.

SmugMungous – October 15th, 2007

During the wee hours of this morning, we launched a release that’s been many months in the making. With the average screen resolution of SmugMuggers and their visitors continually on the rise, we decided it was high-time we stepped up our game.

Please welcome to the family… SmugMungous! Three new viewing sizes: XLarge, X2Large, and X3Large. You can view them in lightbox and with our new “auto” feature, we’ll automatically choose the best size for your browser window. Open wide. 🙂

All new photos added to SmugMug will get these extra three viewing sizes, and olde photos will get them too if you rotate, watermark, crop, or use color effects on them (thus telling us you need new display sizes generated). You can see all 8 display sizes outlined on this freshly updated help page.

But wait, there’s more.

  • Also on that page, you’ll see the nitty gritty on a cool feature we added to power and pro accounts: the ability to adjust SmugMug’s recipe for photo sharpening on display sizes. Play with the numbers on your customize gallery page, and we’ll use them when new display sizes are generated (again, through upload, or rotating, cropping, etc. existing photos).
  • We increased the quality of newly-generated thumbnails. Because your photos should look good, 150 pixels or 1600 pixels.🙂
  • We now use PNG and GIF files natively, instead of converting the display sizes to jpeg.
  • We increased the jpeg quality if your photo has been cropped and cannot be rotated losslessly.
  • The customize gallery page now has a drop-down so you can select the largest size you’d like to be viewable. Standard users can still block originals, by selecting X3L as their largest size. Pros can still select a size as small as medium for their largest size.
  • Updated API and help pages for SmugMungous options.
  • Added new help page outlining SmugMug’s accepted forms of payment.
  • Updated the news page to include Apple and Entrepreneur Magazine featuring SmugMug.
  • Quick update to our photoshop elements help page to mention that you can add photos to SmugMug straight from the brand-new Photoshop Elements 6.0.
  • New “copy link” button on the share page to save our customers some time.

Whew! It feels good to have this baby out the door, but stay tuned because the party ain’t over yet. 🙂

Where in the World is Smuggy? October 4th, 2007

Our mascot, Smuggy, has always been a globetrotter. He shows up in SmugMuggers’ vacation photos and makes appearances at every Digital Grin Shoot-out. We decided it was high time to start handing out prizes for the best photos of Smuggy.

With this release, we launched the “Where in the World is Smuggy” contest and we’re already loving the entries we’ve received so far. More on Don’s blog.

Also in this release:

  • Extended deadline on Philips’ ClubSmug deal. You can get a sweet discount on their PhotoFrame through the end of October.
  • Added Adobe to ClubSmug with 10% off any product in their online store.
  • Fixed javascript error from browsing mpeg-1 clips when logged in.
  • Updated our news page. It seems we are officially “Mom-tested”.🙂
  • Re-wrote our welcome emails for new free trial-ers.
  • Added a new job opening to our Jobs page.