Hide Photo Feature Unveiled

* SmugMug introduces selective viewing control over your individual photos. Using the new ‘hide photo’ check box, you can choose which photos can be seen in a gallery while ‘hiding’ others from the world. This simple-to-use feature enables even greater control over your photos and how they are displayed. Read more here.

* SmugMug’s Usage Stats feature has been overhauled to produce more accurate numbers. Views by ‘logged-in’ gallery owners will no longer register a ‘hit’ on the counters.

* If Steve read Don’s Blog entry, “This is your Mac on drugs,” he hasn’t given us any hint of it, so, at least when it comes to images on SmugMug, we’ve undertaken the task of at least partially fixing the color eccentricities on Macs ourselves. We are now attaching the sRGB profile to display copies larger than Thumbs (-S, -M, -L, -XL, -X2, -X3) . Now your photos will look the same no matter what platform you view them on.

Fixed Assorted bugs including:

* Made it so the site is compatible with this week’s update to the popular Firefox addon, NoScript.
* Help pages were failing to print properly: fixed

SmugMug 'Quick News:' Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Smug new features are great but if you don’t know they exist, they’re useless. The question that has plagued us for eons: What’s the best way to effectively announce these improvements? Thank you Countess of Cash for the answer: SmugMug Quick News. For site-owners only, invisible to the outside world and easily dismissible, Quick News lets us clue you in on what’s new and cool in the world of SmugMug.

* Added a transparent ‘play button’ icon to thumbnails of videos to identify them properly (we didn’t like not knowing the difference either)
* We have extended the Adobe discount in ClubSmug
* ClubSmug adds Gary Fong (Exclusive for SmugMuggers: 12% off at the on-line store.)
* New and Improved: The SmugMug Wiki has been launched.
* SmuggLr now works with Phanfare! Migrate to SmugMug the easy way. Get it now !

Fixed assorted small bugs including:

* When a pro went to re-crop an order, if they moved the crop to the far bottom or right, the crop would fail and not take
* The site at 1024×768 was showing a small main photo in FireFox, we also had several themes that would force a small size photo = squashed!
* If you BUILT a card then changed your mind and tried to BUY the card, it didn’t add to cart
* Fixed it so that the card creator works now with your custom domain if you have one
* Gallery Feed and Global Feed did not honour Hide Owner

Oh and a brief tip o’ the sombrero to our 1st place winners in the ‘Smug Your Mug’ photo contest exclusive to attendees of our FABULOUS 5th Anniversary Bash; Marc Meunch and Dave Porter! We had fifty fantastic finalists, but in the end, ‘there can be only one.’ Or in this case, two. Congrats to all the winners!

Video, Greeting Cards, and SmugMungous – November & December 2007

Whew! Last Friday we threw a 5th Anniversary party for many of our customers and announced the huge releases we’ve made recently.

Drum roll, please…

  • Video support you can write home about.

    No more limiting our SmugMuggers to 30 second mpeg-1 clips! We now support clips 2.5 minutes in length for Power users and 5 minutes for Pros. Upload almost any format and we’ll handle it. Videos are converted to the h.264 format and displayed beautifully. More .

  • Added iTunes Podcast RSS feeds to show off new videos.
  • Greeting cards!

    Choose from 37 designs and let us surprise you with stunning print quality.

  • Jaw-dropping new addition to SmugMungous.

    You have to see this to believe it. SmugMug just got a whole lot more beautiful on everything from an iPhone up to dual 30″ monitors.

  • Brought black mugs and sweatshirts back to our catalog by popular demand.
  • Added fotoflot page to clue our customers in about our partnership and show off the coolness of frameless photos.
  • Added note to “Add to Cart” interface to make logged-in SmugMuggers aware of the availability of fotoflots and photobooks through Blurb.
  • Cleaned up some wording in the control panel to make features more clear.
  • Lots of help page updates to keep up with new features.
  • Updated MacDaddy uploader to include new features (SmugMungous).
  • Added Christmas shipping deadlines to the cart EARLY this year.🙂
  • Fixed a bug where the “Add to Cart” interface would hang if no products were available for purchase for the photo selected.
  • Fixed API bug where smugmug.users.getTree misses the albums at the category level when more than one gallery exists in a subcategory.
  • Fixed a bug where a gallery forced to filmstrip viewing with comments disabled would show a javascript error when you click on a thumbnail.