SmugMungous Video "goes to eleven"

* Well, not really. But we do go to TEN now! The time cap for Pro account videos has been raised from 5 minutes to 10 minutes in DVD (640) quality. The 5 minute cap on HD remains in place, but you can upload HD up to ten minutes in length and we’ll convert it to DVD (640) for you, no sweat!

* Now you can drop a stylin’ Smuggy logo onto your iPhone for your favorite SmugMug sites. Go to on your iPhone browser and the hit the ‘+’ at bottom of the screen. At your site (or anyone elses) click ‘Add to Home Screen’ and you’ll see a preview with the Smuggy logo. Name the clip and tap the ‘add’ button at the top right of the page. Smuggy iPhone home!

* “The Six-Million Peso” Picasa Uploader
“Better than it was before. Better, stronger, faster.” Experience the improved Picasa Uploader here.

Yarrrr! Smugglr has been overhauled and now supports double byte characters (such as Chinese) in album names and descriptions.

Bug Fixes:

* Fixed that nasty little ‘cropping’ bug. If you’ve ever dealt with it, break out the root beer and rejoice.

Increased Flexibility for a Stretchy Nation

* We have inserted a Javascript variable for Power and Pro ‘customizers’ who want more control over how ‘Stretchy’ pages are rendered. They can now override settings, add or subtract height, by adding the following code to their customizations: SM.SmugMug.config.alterScreenHeight = -100. Any +/- numeric will alter the configuration. Want to play? Head over to DGRIN.

* The ‘Sand Theme’ is now ‘stretchified.’

Bug Fixes:

* Fixed a bug where Adding a ‘digital download’ to the cart caused the First Class shipping option not to appear (even if you were buying prints as well).
* Pro pricing bug fixed: If you had a product $0/zero’d out, increasing all prices by 5% cleared the $0, making it empty/for sale.
* Fixed a link in critique Lightbox bug
* Fixed a resolution spec on the playing cards page
* Fixed a wrapping problem in the arrange photos tool

New 'Mid-def' save and view options for SmugMungous Video

* Hi-Def too large? iPod/DVD too small? Introducing Mid-Def: this one is just right. At 960×540, mid-def is perfect for Smuggers uploading 1280+ and using 1024×768 monitors. Your galleries will display it automatically as well as offering the option to select it. Want to convert your files to Mid-Def? Simply click the save button on the mouse-over.

* Themes? You spoke, we complied: Carbonite, Spoonman, and Dark Sand themes are now ‘stretchified

Bug Fixes:

* Fixed a bug where photo tools weren’t working for images that were marked hidden for owner’s eyes only
* Fixed a bug in the Earth theme where the breadcrumb wasn’t showing in some styles in IE6