SmugMungous Video "goes to eleven"

* Well, not really. But we do go to TEN now! The time cap for Pro account videos has been raised from 5 minutes to 10 minutes in DVD (640) quality. The 5 minute cap on HD remains in place, but you can upload HD up to ten minutes in length and we’ll convert it to DVD (640) for you, no sweat!

* Now you can drop a stylin’ Smuggy logo onto your iPhone for your favorite SmugMug sites. Go to on your iPhone browser and the hit the ‘+’ at bottom of the screen. At your site (or anyone elses) click ‘Add to Home Screen’ and you’ll see a preview with the Smuggy logo. Name the clip and tap the ‘add’ button at the top right of the page. Smuggy iPhone home!

* “The Six-Million Peso” Picasa Uploader
“Better than it was before. Better, stronger, faster.” Experience the improved Picasa Uploader here.

Yarrrr! Smugglr has been overhauled and now supports double byte characters (such as Chinese) in album names and descriptions.

Bug Fixes:

* Fixed that nasty little ‘cropping’ bug. If you’ve ever dealt with it, break out the root beer and rejoice.

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10 thoughts on “SmugMungous Video "goes to eleven"”

  1. Use this link instead of the one in the post:


    This link prefixes the smugmug URL with a Picasa import command.

    – Joe

  2. Agreed — 2.5min for Power Account users still seems pretty measly. Not even a bump to 5min for non-HD video?

  3. Any chance that the video time limit will be upgraded for Power Users? Phanfare is now requiring people to register to view my photos. So far, I like what I see with SmugMug with the exception of the 2.5 min. video limit.

    I know there are a lot of folks on the Phanfare boards who are shopping around for a new service…

  4. P.S. Individual videos at Phanfare are limited to 10 minutes or less and the price is less than SmugMug Power User.

  5. If I recall correctly, your previous video capability (MPEG1) had a filesize cap only – why the addition of a time-length cap? A 30 minute video could be compressed to a filesize much smaller than a 5 minute HD video.

  6. I’ve been researching your company for the past hour (being a stay-at-home-mom doesn’t pay too well, want to see what I’d be getting into🙂 ), reading online reviews and blog reviews, trying to decide if I’ll try the two week trial. I’m the furthest from a professional, even amateur, photographer, but I need something idiot-proof for my computer-inept inlaws and family around the world to share our family photos and movies.

    Well reading this just sealed the deal, I didn’t even get past the title of this post- Spinal Tap rocks🙂

  7. Great to hear that Suzanne! Welcome to SmugMug. Any chance you play the drums? We seem to be short a drummer… again! [wink]

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