A step back to move ahead…

We’ve made an important change to the way Customizer’s JavaScript is loaded and handled: we put it back the way it was. We further tweaked it with the addition of a JavaScript ‘footer box.’ Nothing ventured nothing gained, we simply figured out a better way to increase performance. Moving JavaScript down to the footer box on your site should improve page loading. Want an example? Have a look here. Power and Pro customization shouldn’t be affected.

Bigwebguy explains why we two-stepped. Questions? Head over to our Customization Forum and ask away.

Bug fixes:

* Fixed a bug that caused double-headers and missing CSS. And we ain’t talkin’ Baseball, Sonny.
* Fixed a bug that caused community popular galleries to display all photos instead of just the community photos in SmugMug style.
* Fixed a bug that could allow a feeds to function on a protected gallery.
* Fixed a bug that totally messed with the Drag & Drop tool for arranging photos. Righteous.
* Fixed a bug that was causing site-passworded galleries to redirect to the SmugMug homepage.

SmugMug goes Hollywood

We’ve done a good bit of tweaking this round, but on the excitement scale, none of it compares with our introduction into production. This week we roll out the first of our SmugMug How-To videos: The SmugMug Quick Start Guide. Designed to provide further insight into usage, navigation and customization, the SmugMug How-To videos will offer the next best thing to having a Hero at your shoulder.

Improvements and Updates:

* Updated the Picasa Uploader to include Category/Sub-Category information.
* Added AlbumKey support to gallery and GeoAlbum feeds for increased security.
* Updated several pages to reflect the increased video limits for Pros.
* Updated the Mousepad blurbs with new pixel reqs: 1100×926.
* Updated to YUI v2.5 and, to quote BigWebGuy, “A zillion other small things.”*

*SmugMug Sorcerer BigWebGuy says:
* Some security changes may impact customizers who have scripts running in their header box. If you are affected, please post in the Dgrin Customizing Forum and we’ll make sure we get you fixed up fast!

"The only good bug, is a dead bug!"

Andrew Carnegie used to tell his children, “Take care of the pennies, and the pounds will take care of themselves.” As exciting as it is to release amazing new technology and features, the genius is in the details.

* Added a vital ‘Gotcha’ to the Galleries: Creating Help page .
* Added estimated processing times to the shipping information page.
* Added a page to help Flickr Refugees begin their migration.
* Due to overwhelming demand, we have added Romania to the list of countries we ship to. Minunat!*

Bugs squashed:

* Fixed a bug that brought you to the first image in a gallery instead of the chosen image when ‘clicking’ on a Popular Photo in a community.
* Fixed a bug that prevented ‘share links’ in Slideshow and Filmstrip for anything other than the first image on the page.
* Fixed a bug that prevented cropping from a Pro proof delay from passing the ImageKey.
* Fixed a bug that initiated a JS error when following a link to an image that was no longer available.
* Fixed a bug that would have forced our New Zealand customers to move if they wished to order prints. Whew.
* Fixed a bug that caused video play icons to line up incorrectly in IE6.
* Fixed a bug that caused errors when saving a choice while changing themes using Themepicker if ‘hide owner’ was enabled.
* Fixed a cookie bug that prevented Pro Smuggers from logging into custom domains using Firefox.
* Fixed a pretty bold typo on the Professional Users: Custom Hostnam page… oops, ‘Hostname!’ (Big thanks to the attentive Smugger who pointed that out!)
* Fixed a mismatched image on the Printing: Auto or true color page. (Another Genuine ‘No Prize’ to the sleuthing Smugger who caught that detail!)

*Wonderful! (Any Romanian would know that!)

SmugKeys, Unlisted and 'Lock it Down'

We’ve implemented some important changes to the site to make our privacy options more powerful and easier to understand.

SmugMug gallery, image and video URLs are now appended with keys: an underscore and five alpha-numeric characters. So URLs now look like this: http://cmac.smugmug.com/gallery/2504559_f3ta9 (gallery url) and this http://cmac.smugmug.com/photos/131481399_ZnZmK-L.jpg (image url).

Where we used to call galleries ‘private,’ we now call them ‘unlisted’ to make this feature more clear.

When you create a gallery, we now offer a checkbox called ‘Lock it Down.’ This option automatically makes the gallery unlisted, turns off SmugIslands and external linking, turns on right-click protection (for pros), and protects the gallery with a password of your choosing. All of these settings can be fine-tuned later on the gallery customization page, but this checkbox gives you a quick way to make brand-new galleries private and secure.

For more details about the ‘whats, ‘hows’ and ‘whys’, check out Don’s Blog, Baldy’s post and this discussion on DGrin. We’ve also updated all relevant help pages with the new terminology. Good examples are creating galleries and sharing photos pages.

This was a big release, and while we tested hard, there might be bugs – if you find any we’ll squash ’em. Please forward any problems to our Support Heroes , thanks!