"The only good bug, is a dead bug!"

Andrew Carnegie used to tell his children, “Take care of the pennies, and the pounds will take care of themselves.” As exciting as it is to release amazing new technology and features, the genius is in the details.

* Added a vital ‘Gotcha’ to the Galleries: Creating Help page .
* Added estimated processing times to the shipping information page.
* Added a page to help Flickr Refugees begin their migration.
* Due to overwhelming demand, we have added Romania to the list of countries we ship to. Minunat!*

Bugs squashed:

* Fixed a bug that brought you to the first image in a gallery instead of the chosen image when ‘clicking’ on a Popular Photo in a community.
* Fixed a bug that prevented ‘share links’ in Slideshow and Filmstrip for anything other than the first image on the page.
* Fixed a bug that prevented cropping from a Pro proof delay from passing the ImageKey.
* Fixed a bug that initiated a JS error when following a link to an image that was no longer available.
* Fixed a bug that would have forced our New Zealand customers to move if they wished to order prints. Whew.
* Fixed a bug that caused video play icons to line up incorrectly in IE6.
* Fixed a bug that caused errors when saving a choice while changing themes using Themepicker if ‘hide owner’ was enabled.
* Fixed a cookie bug that prevented Pro Smuggers from logging into custom domains using Firefox.
* Fixed a pretty bold typo on the Professional Users: Custom Hostnam page… oops, ‘Hostname!’ (Big thanks to the attentive Smugger who pointed that out!)
* Fixed a mismatched image on the Printing: Auto or true color page. (Another Genuine ‘No Prize’ to the sleuthing Smugger who caught that detail!)

*Wonderful! (Any Romanian would know that!)

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2 thoughts on “"The only good bug, is a dead bug!"”

  1. I see a lot of help on migrating from Flickr to Smugmug – can you give some rough stats of the migration?

  2. Hi Kiddy Lane, we don’t publish such statistics, but all I can tell you is we do see lots of people coming to SmugMug from Flickr – and we make it really easy with SmuggLr. Holler to use at our help desk if we can be of service to you! 🙂

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