SmugMug goes Hollywood

We’ve done a good bit of tweaking this round, but on the excitement scale, none of it compares with our introduction into production. This week we roll out the first of our SmugMug How-To videos: The SmugMug Quick Start Guide. Designed to provide further insight into usage, navigation and customization, the SmugMug How-To videos will offer the next best thing to having a Hero at your shoulder.

Improvements and Updates:

* Updated the Picasa Uploader to include Category/Sub-Category information.
* Added AlbumKey support to gallery and GeoAlbum feeds for increased security.
* Updated several pages to reflect the increased video limits for Pros.
* Updated the Mousepad blurbs with new pixel reqs: 1100×926.
* Updated to YUI v2.5 and, to quote BigWebGuy, “A zillion other small things.”*

*SmugMug Sorcerer BigWebGuy says:
* Some security changes may impact customizers who have scripts running in their header box. If you are affected, please post in the Dgrin Customizing Forum and we’ll make sure we get you fixed up fast!

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Chris MacAskill

co-founder of SmugMug

6 thoughts on “SmugMug goes Hollywood”

  1. Want a reason to leave flickr? This post alone is worth the move.

    I have been switched for the past six months and don’t miss flickr at all.

    Constant updates to improve UI
    Constant support help with email, forums, and experts
    Constant eye on making sure everything stays up and running

    and if your a professional photographer this really is a no brainer.

  2. I’m glad you’ve continued to add important features to smugmug, however, right now the Control Panel page is broken in Firefox. The button links stack up and down on the page instead of left and right. Seems like a CSS problem. I can give a screenshot if need be.

  3. Sorry for the bug Ian, it should be fixed now. We do our best to stay on top of these things, bug squashin’ is a full time gig. In the future, the best course to a alert us when you find one is to contact a Support Hero at our help desk. They’ll get the Sorcerers out of bed if need be!

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