Silky-smooth slideshow eye candy

Huge thanks to our passionate customers who poured out their hearts about their dream slideshow: silky-smooth cross-dissolves, full screen, thumbnails, beautiful aesthetics and…speed, baby.

We thought we’d have to choose between speed, size and smoothness but after months of sweat we’re ready to call it awesome if you are. Click the slideshow button and let us know what you think.

The slideshow gallery style, which you get to by choosing from the pull-down menu in the upper right of gallery pages, inherited the new goodness. Turn captions on or off, choose photo sizes, and make thumbnails visible or not. Then admire silky transitions.

Square thumbnails: By popular demand we added a square thumbs option to the customize gallery tools. Turn this feature on to give your gallery a clean, symmetrical look.

The square thumbs option won’t take effect until you do something that generates new display copies, such as rotating, watermarking, or adding new photos. To apply square thumbs to an existing gallery, use a bulk tool like rotate photos after you select the square thumbs option.

Preview: To see your site as your adoring fans will, just click the new visitor view button at the top of your home page or a category page. Pros: it lets you see your pricing as your customers will.

Custom domain sweetness: You don’t have to be an uber-geek to configure custom domains anymore. SmugMug Pros who want their own domains can do it the easy way. Check the link for our new domain partnership with Godaddy.

Video: There are new video help sections for adding and editing. We usually don’t talk much of future features but this time we will: the Flash goodness in our new slideshow is coming soon to video.

We fixed a video bug that made some videos larger (more bytes) than what you uploaded.

Help pages: They now cover Visitor View and Square Thumbs.

Mac lovers: There is an improved version of our beloved MacDaddy uploader. And we fixed a bug relating to the Drag & Drop arrange feature in SmugMug and Traditional styles when using Safari.

Bugs: Our popular photos galleries now stretches to fill your screen. This bug also affected customizers who had styled their own popular pages. Another bug prevented some user customization and themes from working when using a site-wide password. Fixed. Several SmugMaps bugs were squashed. Polaroid JPEGs that wouldn’t upload before do now. Custom-sized images now use the photo sharpening settings available to power and pro subscribers.

Keepsake box and puzzle: They’ve been removed from the gifts catalog pending a bug fix and better puzzles. They’ll be baaaaaack, and better than ever.