Buried in breathtaking photos

Imagine having a company credit card burning a hole in your pocket, a lot of BIG blank walls crying out for photos, and 300 million to choose from.  :-)

I never knew I could love shopping so much.

I bought some 72-inch prints, a 5×10 foot print, and we’re now making one that’s 72×180 inches.

I took some of the ones we’re printing and put them in a  slideshow on SmugMug’s home page.  Check it out.  

Know some I’ve missed?  Point me to ’em!

Beem Me Up!

Chef Ara Gureghian has the great fortune of being one of the rare people who can live the dream: Traveling freely with his dog, Spirit, they have been on the road traveling the US by motorcycle for over a year. Sleeping under the stars and traveling amongst some of the most beautiful scenery in the country certainly makes for a most impressive portfolio of shots:

Watching their journey and reading his words, there is no way to avoid cracking a smile! You can see an impressive collection of Ara’s photography here, and follow the journey in more detail on his website.

Good luck on your continued travels!

Bug fixes and a better cart – July 9th, 2008

Things you might notice:

  • Powerful new “buy multiples” interface so you (and your customers) can pack the new shopping cart to the brim. Print the whole gallery as 4×6 glossies, and add 10 photos as 5×7 lustre prints, 2 as mousepads, and a handful of 8x10s. All without leaving the page.
  • Our homepage has a flash slideshow so you’ll get some variety when you visit.
  • The “Arrange Photos” tool had an annoying formatting bug causing the toolbox to display at the top of the page. It’s now back on the left where it belongs.
  • The “Save Photo” icon you get on your photobar when you’re logged in will now say “Owner Save” instead. As it turns out, everyone wanted that icon when they were logged in, but when we added it we caused some panic. Logout (or use Visitor View) and you’ll see a “Save Photo” icon, or no icon at all if you have your originals disabled.

Things you might not notice:

  • Lots of changes to help pages, ClubSmug, and Give the Gift of SmugMug.
  • Product changes on our 4×6 postcards and canvas prints.
  • In the shopping cart, the catalog link in the footer now goes to our catalog page without prices.
  • We added item numbers to the order confirmation screen, for easier reference.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented the tracking number from being displayed.
  • We now auto-generate passwords for logged-out orders, so your customers (or grandma) won’t have to hassle with creating and remembering an order password.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the order confirmation page for large orders to take an obscenely long time to load on FF2 on Macs.
  • The “Items” total in the cart now reflects the total quantity, not just the number of different products. In other words, if you order 20 5×7 prints of the same photo, your item count is now 20.
  • By popular demand, clicking on the thumbnail in the shopping cart now takes you to the Adjust Crop tool, instead of back to the gallery. You’ll see a “view in gallery” link added at the left.
  • Fixed bug that was causing problems with shipping to a few countries. (Frustrating bug, but fun to see we had customers from Dubai!)
  • Tweaked the in-cart Adjust Crop tool to be faster loading and more responsive.

SmugMug Sponsors Photo Contests

SmugMug is proud to be sponsoring two photo contests that offer up some nice booty, and also some serious recognition to the winners!

The Pop Photo Contest: Show us your Skills – Enter Now! Here is your chance to gain recognition in The 15th Annual Popular Photography Photo Contest and have the opportunity to have your work shown in the January 2009 issue of Popular Photography, the largest photo magazine in the world, as well as on PopPhoto.com.

SmugMug - Pop Photo Contest

The American Photo Contest: Don’t Miss your chance to enter The American PHOTO Annual images of the Year Event! This International Competition has become the definitive showcase of the very best in contemporary photography.
SmugMug - American Photo Contest

Repeat after me: "Feeds are our friends!"

We get the question a lot at the the help desk: “How do I hide the feeds button?” Don’t do it! If you are a pro, use the feeds to your advantage. Google loves the feeds, for example. I just searched for “Sierras Workshop” and came up with this as the #1 search result on Google. Click the link, and the search result on Google will take you right to a page that promotes a workshop I’m doing. Why would you ever throw away such findability? 😀

SmugMug Feeds

Now many of you are gonna be worried about feeds and “right click protection” – I say, watermark your images, block the largest display sizes if you need to but get your name out there!

Feeds are also a great way for your customers, fans, and family to keep up on your work.

C’mon now, everyone: “Feeds are our friends!” 😀 As always, I’d love to hear from you if you have questions about this. Holler for me at our help desk and I or our team of Support Heroes will be there for you!