Bug fixes and performance tweaks – August 21 and 28, 2008

We had two small releases recently that cleared up several angst-causing bugs.

  • We made some fixes to keystroke navigation. In SmugMug viewing style, you can now browse using the arrows, and open light box using S, M, L, 1, 2, 3, O, A and X to close without any hiccups.
  • Browsing using <Prev and Next> in a gallery now updates the URL to include the image key of the image you just navigated to. This is helpful if you need to grab the correct link for the current image.
  • The Move to Other Gallery photo tool is now lightning fast.
  • We found and fixed an elusive bug that caused problems getting proof-delay cropping changes to “stick”.
  • In lightbox viewing, we changed to the word “Close” instead of a small “X”, which was getting overlooked.
  • .CRW files can now have a jpeg generated when using them in SmugVault, if you have the Image Preview option enabled.
  • We modified feeds to return content in the context of your custom domain, if you have one, meaning that map bubbles now have hyperlinks that point to your custom domain, rather than yournickname.smugmug.com .
  • In case you want to get the party started early, we now have an 09 Happy New Year’s card ready to go.🙂
  • We fixed a bug with deleting custom categories. Their subcategories are now moved to the Other category instead of being orphaned.
  • We updated to the new version of the Simple Uploader. No major functionality changes, but you might notice a bump in speed.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing guests from rotating photos.

Bug Fixes – August 9th, 2008

  • Fixed up our card creator and outfitted it with 4 new cards, all baby announcements. (Find it in the photo tools menu beneath any photo.)
  • Fixed a flash slideshow bug, so it should work beautifully on all browsers now (including pre-caching properly in the latest version of Safari).
  • Changed Smuggy on embedded videos. He’s now a discreet gray rather than smuggy green, and hides when the controls hide.
  • SmugMug Video now works on Windows Live Spaces.
  • Improved the Contact SmugMug help page.
  • Made the Contact SmugMug link in our footer smart so it now sends visitors to our visitor help pages.


From the depths of SmugMug comes forth “The Little Flag That Could.” The signature green flag of Copelandia followed the Police reunion tour around the world from 2007-2008, carried by loyal fans of the noble Stewart Copeland:

From the looks of things it was quite a worthwhile journey. You can follow its progress and all the wonderful smiles in their galleries here.

SmugShot and more – August 4th, 2008


At the time of this blog post, thousands of people are already using SmugShot on their iPhonesTM… so “lagged” would be putting the situation mildly.🙂

SmugShot at the iTunes App Store for iPhoneSmugShot is an application for the iPhone available for free via Apple’s App Store in iTunes.

Essentially it allows you to upload photos straight to your SmugMug account from your iPhone, complete with geodata, keywords, and captions. Read more on Don’s blog, our marketing page, and our help page.

Lower print prices

SmugMug’s price for glossy and matte 8x10s dropped from $2.99 to $1.99 and lustre dropped from $3.49 to $2.49. 5×7 prints are now $0.79 and $0.99 (from $0.99 and $1.25). 8×12 prints are now $3.49 and $3.99 (from $3.99 and $4.75).

The new prices are reflected in our catalog. If you’re a pro with custom pricing in place, enjoy the new, higher margin for these sizes!

Bug Fixes and Bonuses

  • Pop Photo and American Photo have joined ClubSmug with a deal on magazine subscriptions for SmugMuggers.
  • SmugMug’s sponsoring two sweet photography contests and we noted them on our news page.
  • Fixed bug where quotation marks in filenames were causing a javascript error when viewing galleries in SmugMug style.
  • Fixed a bug with backslash in the filename in single image view causing a javascript error.
  • Fixed a bug where our IE6 friends would add a photo to their shopping cart, close their browser, come back later to crop the photo, and get booted.
  • New version of MacDaddy uploader that supports SmugVault, adds auto-creation of albums from iPhoto (enable in preferences), and fixes a bug involving photos exported from Lightroom.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Camino users from viewing in SmugMug ajax style.
  • New install script for our Simple Uploader for Internet Explorer. We had some problems previously with people who had used a similar uploader for a different site being locked out of using ours. This should fix it but may require a rebooting of your computer. Sorry for the hassle! (You’ll be prompted to reboot if necessary)
  • Fixed a bug with cropping square images in the shopping cart.
  • Fixed a bug with loading video in FF3. Videos partially outside the viewable area should load fine, now.
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