New Buttons and More – September 26, 2008

With this release, we’ve done away with separate “buy this photo” and “buy multiple photos” links on gallery pages, in favor of a Buy button:

  • For logged-in subscribers, the Buy button houses links to create a card, create a photo book, order gallery backup, and peruse mounting and framing options, in addition to links to buy through SmugMug’s shopping cart.
  • For visitors, the Buy button houses the same two options as before: essentially buy single and buy multiple.

We also changed the Share button to be a drop-down menu with two options:

  • Send an Email
  • Get a Link

The other buttons on gallery pages (Map This, Themes, Add Photos, View Cart, and Slideshow) were changed to match.

Important button notes:

  • If you’ve customized your buttons, you’ll want to read this thread on Digital Grin.
  • An unfortunate side effect of the slick new buttons is that you’ll no longer be able to use CSS to show the buy options underneath your photos, sorry!

Also changed with this release:

  • The home link at the end of embedded videos no longer takes you back to a gallery with the Hide Owner option enabled.
  • Beefed up the cart to elegantly handle filtering for our new metallic prints.
  • Worked some magic on slideshows and videos to make them load faster.
  • Updated help pages to reflect the button changes.

Metallic Prints and More – September 19, 2008

We are thrilled to announce a newly-designed catalog, loaded with new products:

Also in this release:

  • Fixed a bug involving the “no crop” option in the shopping cart giving four white borders instead of two.
  • Fixed a bug with help page headlines.
  • Fixed a bug with the full screen slideshow that was preventing exiting and returning to the slideshow in the same gallery seamlessly.
  • Updated help pages to match the look and verbiage of the recently redone site-wide customization page.

Bug fixes and sharegroup enhancements – September 11, 2008

We had a great release last night, zapping some frustrating bugs and cleaning up some rough spots in design.

Bugs zapped:

  • Fixed missing Smuggy icon when you add your SmugMug page to the iPhone Home Screen.
  • Fixed broken SmugShot link on the “choose an uploader” page.
  • Fixed bug with saving photos in Firefox, where you’d end up with a file without an extension. This was occurring if your filename had a space in it, but it behaves for all filenames now.
  • Fixed bug with the timeline section of your SmugMug homepage, where it would get “stuck” when you changed from date uploaded to date taken, or vice versa
  • Fixed a bug on SmugMug’s browse page that prevented it from properly loading the map.
  • Fixed rare bug in the shopping cart that allowed saving of an invalid crop.

Our sharegroups feature got some love:

  • Fixed a sharegroups bug that was causing galleries to show up multiple times on your SmugMug homepage after viewing a sharegroup.
  • Added “hide owner” functionality to sharegroups. If every gallery in sharegroup has the hide owner option turned on (in Customize Gallery settings), the sharegroup page will not have a link back to your SmugMug homepage.
  • Added breadcrumbs back to your sharegroup. Now, when you click on a gallery from within a sharegroup, there’s an easy way to jump back to the sharegroup to check out the other galleries

More improvements:

  • When Professional users add their custom domain in their SmugMug Control Panel, we now do more intelligent checking to make sure the domain is set up properly to point to . More.
  • Improved speed in the shopping cart, especially with large orders. You should see a noticeable improvement particularly when cropping photos.
  • Changed the gear link in the footer to link to ClubSmug instead.
  • Added Eye-Fi to ClubSmug.
  • Gave the site-wide customization page (available for Power and Professional subscribers) a face lift. The wording is more clear and there are now useful links right on the page.
  • Rewrote and reformatted many of our notification emails (renewal, photo comment, etc.) to be more clear and helpful.
  • We had Atom 1.0 feeds for a long time, but were still feeding Atom 0.3 feeds as the default. Fixed.
  • Added a feed for popular photos within a user’s category.
  • Made it so expired free trialers without galleries can still view their SmugMug homepage and sign up.
  • Made the “take me back to the page I was on” link smarter on the logout page. It now remembers if you were in your shopping cart when you clicked “logout”.
  • Added a link from every Visitor help page back to our full help pages, so no one gets stranded.
  • Our confirm message after using the “Adjust Thumbnails” photo tool was “pheh.” Fixed.🙂