Buttons and Lots More – October 30, 2008

We had a big release tonight that was a long time in coming. We’re happy to announce brand-new buttons, great new products, shine-ups, and bug fixes. SmugMug is now easier to use, or at least a lot more fun.🙂


  • Brand-new Tools button.
    • On gallery pages it has gallery tools, site links, and photo tools (as appropriate, depending on your viewing style.)
    • On pages like /date /keyword and /popular , it has photo tools as appropriate (yay!), and site links.
    • On homepage, category, and subcategory pages for Professional subscribers, it has site links. (Power and Standard subscribers will still see just a Control Panel button.)
  • New Buy button goodness:
    • We added Collage Posters and Give the Gift of SmugMug to the gallery Buy button, as well as new items under Photo Books and Mounting & Framing.
    • We also added Create a Card to /popular , /date, and /keyword pages.
    • Buy buttons now live on your homepage, category and subcategory pages so you can easily order a backup disc for the level you’d like
  • We updated the other buttons to match.

New Products

  • Our Mounted Canvas prints are now wrapping on thicker, better stretcher bars.
  • We added a new tab to our catalog page, chock full of goodies from our partners.
  • The Goodies: Photo Books and Collage Posters through MyCanvas, and framed prints through Imagekind. Don’t miss the limited-time deals they’re offering to SmugMuggers! These same options are also loaded in the “Buy” button on your gallery pages when you’re logged in.


  • New PhotoRank page.
  • New, more smug messages when you add or remove watermarks using the photo tool.
  • New, more smug message when you’re logged in as an Assistant and try to view tabs in the Control Panel that are off-limits to Assistants.
  • We supercharged the “make a copy” photo tool. No more twiddling your thumbs.
  • We made watermark images always available for watermarking, even when hidden. Previously we’d use SmugMug’s default watermark if you had (likely inadvertently) hidden your custom watermark image.
  • We sped up video processing significantly.
  • Added “Replace Video Preview Image” tool so you can now tell us what your videos should look like before your fans click Play. Upload a jpeg that matches the resolution of your video (e.g. 1280×720).
  • The “Buy: Photos in this Gallery” page now preserves the order of your images when you add them to your cart in bulk.
  • We now put newest site messages at the top of the list, rather than the bottom.
  • We renamed the “Guest Password” feature to be “Assistant Password”. It’s more clear as to the purpose and powers of an Assistant, we hope!
  • We now prevent Professional subscribers from creating an Assistant password that is identical to their account password.
  • Fixed a formatting issue in FF2 that caused our bullets to be displayed as ugly boxes.
  • Changed Newfoundland (NF) to Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) in our country list. Apologies to all our Canuck friends to the north for the lag on that one!
  • For customizers, there’s now a class=”notLoggedIn” on the body tag when you or your viewer are not logged in. This makes it much easier to hide things when you are not logged in. For example, you can now hide the share button for your visitors (such that it only shows when you are logged in) with this CSS: .notLoggedIn #shareButton {display:none;}
  • Also for customizers, all breadcrumb information is now enclosed in <div id=”breadCrumbTrail”> so any modifications to the bread crumb (even in categories and sub-categories which wasn’t the case before today) can now use breadCrumbTrail instead of breadCrumb. This is important because modifying the HTML in the breadCrumb DIV will disable the other buttons (slideshow, tools, share, etc…) in that div. Those operations can now operate safely on the breadCrumbTrail div without harming the buttons. Questions? Ask on our Customizing Forum, we’ll be happy to help!

Bug Fixes

  • We no longer accept nicknames that begin with a dash. (They break, so we’d prefer to head them off at the pass.)
  • Fixed a bug where filenames with multiple periods could cause problems when adding them to your SmugVault.
  • Fixed a bug with the wrapping preview for mounted canvas prints in the shopping cart.
  • Fixed a bug where we’d lose site-wide customization and theme if a visitor entered an incorrect gallery viewing password. We now keep your look and feel and prompt the visitor to try again.
  • Fixed a bug with commas in your address book for share emails. You can now add “Kent, Clark” without a hitch.
  • Fixed a long-standing, very obscure, but surprisingly common bug that prevented a Quick Setting on the Customize Gallery page from saving properly if you had an apostrophe in your password, password hint, or backprinting.

Critical Exposure

Critical Exposure is a non-profit organization working to bring public education reform and social change by providing cameras to urban students across the US. From Baltimore to Philadelphia to Albuquerque, kids are showing the world their every day battles with going to school and the difficulties of getting education in at-risk neighborhoods.

Many other galleries (including photos from exhibits) can be found on their SmugMug site here.