5×7 Folded Cards!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve added 5×7 folded cards and a load of great designs. Our product page has the details, but here are the things to know:

  • Over 40 designs currently available, with dozens more we hope to add in the very near future. Lots of them allow for several photos. Get help creating a card.
  • We plan on adding designs throughout the year for birth announcements, thank you cards and “just because” cards.
  • Don’t want a template? We have “custom” portrait-oriented and landscape-oriented templates, with full bleed photo on the front and boxes for text inside. If you’re a Photoshop whiz you can make your own jpeg image, add it to SmugMug and order cards. Careful, though… you may have to tilt your head sideways to get it right. Make the final image (including front and back, inside and outside) 4000×2800 or 2800×4000 in dimension. Get help with custom cards.
  • Apologies: Logged-out visitors cannot order cards in the shopping cart (yet). And pros, you can’t yet set custom prices for cards. Here’s one workaround, in the meantime.

Also in this release:

  • Fixed bug with “get a link” share page in IE7.
  • The Control Panel Homepage tab made a comeback after your feedback from our last release.
  • Fixed bug with the div id “breadCrumbTrail”. Specifically, we lost it unintentionally (doh!) so we added it back.
  • Added holiday shipping cutoffs to the shopping cart.
  • Changed the categories box to display categories in the Homepage tab of the Control Panel when the categories box is hidden from visitors.
  • Fixed a JavaScript error on date/keyword pages.
  • Fixed a bug with the “Adjust Thumbnails” photo tool. It will now properly change your thumbnails between “original” and “square”.
  • Fixed a bug with the map on our browse page.

5×7 Folded Cards are Here!

We’re really excited about these, we’ve got dozens and dozens of designs, and more being added all the time. Holidays, of course, but don’t forget baby announcements, thank yous, invitations, and more. We’ll be adding Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthday cards, too.

Pros, we don’t have ’em available for ordering by your customers at your pro prices yet, sorry. Here’s how I sell ’em to my clients. More info, and help.

Picnik and More – November 7th, 2008

  • We’re excited to announce a new goodie for the Tools menu! Under “This Photo” you’ll see “Edit with Picnik.com”. Red-eye removal, crazy color effects, quick contrast adjustment and sharpening, and much more. Have fun with it! We certainly did while testing. 🙂
  • There is a new button on your SmugMug homepage called “Homepage Layout” that contains a checklist of which features to show and hide.

    We did away with the “Homepage” tab of the Control Panel, but in the short time since the release we’ve already heard feedback that the tab needs to stay. So, it’ll be making a comeback shortly. Thanks for speaking up!

  • The Tools button now contains “This Photo” tools no matter which viewing style you’re using. If you’re in All Thumbs, Journal, or Traditional, for example, you can still choose “Crop” and we’ll ask you to click on the photo you’d like to crop.
  • Fixed bug on our “get a link” page introduced by the latest version of Flash.

No Trick, Halloween Weekend Bug Fixes! – November 1, 2008

We had a bit of a candy hangover from last night’s Halloween trick-or-treating!  Some bug fixes and enhancements that went live today:

  • Fixed a bug where share links were getting exta // slashes and making the copied links inoperable.
  • Fixed a bug where if you had certain privacy settings set, like a site password, we’d still show an inoperable Map This! button – even though we shouldn’t have.  Map This! now obeys the privacy settings in site password, SmugIslands.
  • We didn’t allow certain tools for ‘this photo’ when you were in Slideshow viewing style.  Now we allow access to all the tools from this style.
  • There was a display bug on the share email recipients page in your control panels, for emails with apostrophes.  We fixed it.
  • The Add Photos button on the SmugVault page was displaying incorrectly, fixed!
  • Fixed a bug where if you deleted a gallery that was in a sharegroup, the gallery thumb would still be in your share group listing.
  • Removed “Attach Related Files” from the tools menu, unless you have a SmugVault.
  • Fixed a bug when you create a gallery from a Category or Subcategoy page, we weren’t defaulting you to the Category or Subcategory you’re already in. Dumb, sorry – fixed!
  • Significantly sped up the process of cropping a single thumbnail.