Retro Rumble

Dirk Behlau of Pixeleye Interactive is one of those unsung photographers you stumble upon on an ordinary day, but you just can’t get the images out of your head. In a world where pinup and retro looks are making a comeback, this photographer from Germany gives even the best a run for their money:

You can see all of Dirk’s pin-up galleries here, but his more contemporary work in the automotive world are definitely worth a look, too.

Lots More Card Designs – December 12, 2008

We had a few smaller releases in the last few weeks, which included:

  • More than 40 new designs for 5×7 folded and 4×8 flat cards. You’ll find custom templates, thank you cards, baby cards, etc, and we do plan to add great designs throughout the year. Most are on display here:

    We were surprised to see how many SmugMuggers are designing their own cards from scratch. They add them to their SmugMug sites as jpegs, and order cards in the shopping cart. (Specs if you’re inclined to do the same: 4×8 cards should be 1200×2400 pixels, and 5×7 cards are 2800×4000 pixels and should match this diagram.)

  • New marketing pages! We generally allocate very little time and effort to marketing, but these pages were designed years ago and a facelift was definitely in order to show off the improvements we’ve made since then.
  • We made some changes to caching in order to improve site speed.
  • We fixed the “map this” button functionality to properly look for the “hello smuggers” setting instead of the “hello world” setting.
  • We added our Tiny Prints partnership to our catalog along with some new deals.
  • We added “Create a Calendar” to the Buy button, for anyone in the market for a last-minute gift. The turnaround time on MyCanvas is excellent and they’re running a special right now, so in this case procrastination could pay off. 🙂
  • The login page now has a short list of our recent updates. We found that a small percentage of our subscribers read this blog, and a large percentage of our subscribers would like to tell at a glance what has changed recently.
  • Based on feedback from customers, we also removed the interstitial page after you login. We now log you in and then take you straight back to whichever page you were on.
  • Along with the new cards, we fixed some bugs with the card-maker that were causing the thumbnails to shift (and rarely, change places) when the card was generated. We also cleaned up the text rendering so all fonts should center properly across all designs.
  • We now look at whether you have right-click protection on your movies, and properly remove the “Save Movie” icon for visitors, and remove the option from PhotoTools in Quicktime as well.

Please leave room for customer cropping

We walk in your shoes, guys. Steve Mills is one of your Support Heroes, and also a very busy event photographer. Steve knows that buyers want any number of different sizes, and since SmugMug prints so many, he lets his customer choose in the cart. When he shoots, he leaves room for cropping!

With SmugMug’s cropping tool and proof delay, Steve’s customers get exactly what they want.