Introducing Bay Photo: A True Pro Lab – January 28, 2009

We are thrilled to announce that SmugMug Professional subscribers can now choose to print through Bay Photo, a lab trusted by truly great photographers for over 30 years.

Why Bay Photo? We spent many months poring over prints from labs across the country and here’s what we found.

Here’s what this means for our subscribers:

  • Power and Standard subscribers will still go through EZ Prints, the lab we’ve used and loved for years.
  • Professional subscribers can choose between Bay Photo and EZ Prints for prints. On the pro pricing page, Pros select a lab for their portfolio and override that choice on the gallery level, where needed.
  • All merchandise, such as mugs and magnets, will continue to go through EZ Prints.

Which lab should you choose? Here’s some help deciding.  Want to discuss this?  Right here.

As we worked on integrating Bay Photo, we improved lots more on the site as well:

  • Every SmugMug subscriber now decides whether photos printed through their site will be color corrected at the lab or not. The end customer no longer sees “auto or true” in the shopping cart. Power and Standard users will see the Color Correction option in their Customize Gallery settings and in the Settings tab of their Control Panel. Pro users will see this option in their pro pricing. Color correction is automated through EZ Prints and done by hand at Bay Photo. More about color correction.
  • The Pro pricing page was re-done from scratch. The basic structure is the same as before, but it should be easier to understand and faster to price. On the portfolio level and gallery level, there are two new options: Print lab (EZ Prints/Bay Photo) and Color Correction (yes/no). Note that changing your Color Correction preference will change the base price of Bay Photo prints.
  • We fixed the bug that required “penny-over” pricing on the gallery level in order to override portfolio pricing and allow at-cost sales. Now, you can simply price a gallery at SmugMug’s default prices and it will be at-cost. Please note those sales will not be tracked in your Pro Sales report, because they won’t be profitable.
  • The backprinting tool has been updated so we now correct backprinting on our end before sending orders to Bay Photo or EZ Prints. You’ll see a more accurate preview, and greater consistency within each lab.
  • We updated our minimum print resolution requirements and added the sizes available through Bay Photo.
  • Added new catalogs for Bay Photo prints: Bay Photo with pricing, Bay Photo without pricing (client-facing), both labs with pricing (for your reference) .
  • Updated our shipping page with Bay Photo info.

More good news:

Bug fixes:

  • We fixed up the shopping cart icons on many themes so they now look like shopping carts, instead of easily-missed graphics.
  • Fixed the Edit with tool so that when you save an image as a new copy, captions, keywords and geocoding are now transferred from the original image.
  • Fixed a rare bug that caused images not to be displayed in a gallery using Firefox at a specific browser height.
  • Fixed an even rarer bug that allowed the creation of an invalid sharegroup URL.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented designated friends and family from editing captions and keywords.
  • Fixed a bug with the copy box for the exif link.
  • Fixed a bug with iPhone browsing where if you had added a site-wide password and later removed it, you couldn’t browse photos.
  • Fixed a bug where searching from a subcategory would take you to a search results page without your site customization.
  • Added a login page redirect that allows for clicking through in case the automatic redirect fails for some reason.
  • Fixed lightbox viewing in the Sunshine theme.
  • Removed the searchbar in the header of help pages, to draw attention to the special “search for help” bar on the page.

Mountains Majesty

Jason Hummel of Alpine State of Mind has a love of the wild outdoors. From his galleries we see a most breathtaking view of the Pacific Northwest, where he travels grueling paths to the summits to bring us glimpses of an untouched territory where few others dare to go.

Many more peaks, valleys, and everything in-between are captured here.