Improvements and Bug Fixes – February 26, 2009

  • We added the much-loved 12×18 size to the Bay Photo catalog.
  • We made some really nice changes to the pricing tool on the bulk gallery pricing page: Galleries are now displayed alphabetically by category and subcategory and there’s a visual indicator of which lab each gallery is set to.
  • We added extra information to the Pro sales details for orders, including the Color Correction and print lab choice for each item on the order.
  • Based on customer feedback, we made a change so that a keyframe image for a video will NOT be watermarked as it’s added, regardless of gallery settings.
  • We made some changes so that going forward, new pro galleries will inherit portfolio settings even if they are using an old quicksettings template.
  • The “Color Correction” option is now included in quicksettings for Power and Standard users.
  • We added a new div to the date and keyword homepage breadcrumbs so they are more consistent with the other breadcrumb pages.
  • We’ve fixed a footer bug on customized community pages where it was tucked under the Featured Galleries section. If this change causes any footer problems for your community, you can add #cobrand_footer {clear:none !important;} in your CSS.
  • We added a “contact a Support Hero” form to order confirmation pages so our customers (and their customers) can get quick and relevant help.
  • We added an “ask a real person” link on the prompt page for password-protected galleries and homepages. Now, stranded visitors can ask a Support Hero for help.
  • We fixed some bugs with leaving comments through Facebook connect and made it a lot faster in the process.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Buy: Many photos” page would sometimes default to a product that wasn’t available for purchase.

Pucker up!

Bonnie Fournier has traveled her own inner journey to find her way to the Smooch Project. With the end goal of photographing 10,000 expressions of love, she strives to show that despite our outward differences, all of us have the capacity and willingness to display affection towards each other.

Love knows no bounds! See the archives and read how the project all began here.

Contact a Hero and Bug Fixes – February 12, 2009

Notable Changes:

  • We added a contact form on help pages, so our Support Heroes will be armed with more information (such as your browser version) when you email in a question.
  • We are excited to announce a new SmugMug Artist-in-Residence team: Celebrity photographer Robert Evans and award-winning videographer Curt Apanovich.
  • We took advantage of Facebook Connect so you can now login to your Facebook account when leaving a comment at SmugMug. No more captcha!
  • We now filter out some profane words from comments.
  • We added a timeline feed, accessible from the bottom of the /date page.
  • We added the news of our new pro lab, Bay Photo, to our homepage. The soft launch is going beautifully, so we’re ramping things up.
  • We updated to YUI 2.6
  • By popular demand, we added a few options to the “Apply This Pricing” list in the pro pricing tool. You can now quickly apply prices “from other galleries” to a certain image. Also, you can quickly fill in your portfolio prices at the gallery or image level.
  • We tweaked some things on the backend of the stats pages, so they should be faster.
  • The custom hostname field in the Control Panel (for Power and Pros) is smarter, and it now tries to clean up improperly entered URLs.
  • The catalog links are now cleaner:
    Unpriced EZ Prints catalog –
    Priced EZ Prints catalog –
    Unpriced Bay Photo catalog –
    Priced Bay Photo catalog –
    Priced two lab catalog –

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a feeds bug where it broke for Recent Videos if you previously had a viewing password set.
  • Fixed feeds so they should properly show up in iTunes once again.
  • Fixed the pro sales downloadable spreadsheet so it will contain data in all applicable fields going forward.
  • Fixed a bug with the price tool that caused problems in the “Apply This Pricing” menu if you had a subcategory with the same name as the category that contained it.