UTF8 and Bug Fixes – March 5th, 2009

Lots of good fixes and enhancements in this release:

  • Added alpha-numeric UTF-8 support for custom categories, subcategories, and community names. International characters should work beautifully now.
  • We cleaned up the “share” email so it’s more sleek for more mail clients.
  • Goodness for the Flash slideshow:
    • We cleaned up the transition between differently-sized images, so we now handle all cases gracefully.
    • We gave it a substantial speed boost for galleries with lots of images. The slideshow should start now without any extra lag, even if you have thousands of images in the gallery.
    • If you’re viewing the gallery style “slideshow”, and you change sizes, the slideshow is now more responsive and will serve up the chosen size sooner, rather than relying on a cached size.
    • We now ignore incorrectly set splash images instead of showing a broken image.
    • We fixed a bug where a SmugVault file without an image preview would stall the slideshow.
    • We improved the way we handle storage of image bitmap data in memory, so you’ll see significantly less cpu and memory usage on long-running slideshows.
  • Fixed a bug with digital download license display in the shopping cart.
  • Fixed a bug with scrolling the “Contact a Support Hero” form in small browser windows.
  • Made arranging galleries within a sharegroup faster. This was a special request from a customer who had hundreds of galleries in one sharegroup – something we hadn’t considered.
  • Cleaned up the “Recent Photo” feed so it no longer shows stale content.
  • Fixed an obscure bug with arranging galleries within a category whose name contained an ampersand.
  • The bulk pricing tool is much faster now when pricing many galleries at once.
  • Fixed a bug with iPhone browsing where if you had a category containing more galleries than would originally load on the first page, clicking on “more albums” caused galleries from other categories to be loaded.
  • Fixed another iPhone browsing bug where if you had a category that had only subcategories in it, browsing to the subcategory would show “no public albums found” even if there were public albums there.
  • Rotated in some fresh photos for SmugMug’s homepage slideshow.