Bug Fixes and a Beta Uploader – April 10, 2009

In this release:

  • We are soft launching an uploader we built in-house.   You can give it a whirl and give us your feedback: new uploader thread on dgrin.
  • Fixed the “Apply” button in Internet Explorer 8 on the pro pricing page.
  • Fixed an Internet Explorer 6&7 bug on the bulk pricing page so expanding sections no longer overlap.
  • Fixed a bug with cropping square photos so you can now select a non-square ratio for your crop box.
  • Fixed a bug with downloading your pro sales spreadsheet.
  • On digital-download only orders, we telling pros proof-delay was in effect in some cases. Fixed.
  • Fixed a logging-in bug with the iPhone interface.
  • Sharegroups now inherit the site’s look & feel.
  • We updated to YUI 2.7.

It's All in the Family

Today we’re featuring one of our longtime users whose photography not only raises the bar for performance artists, but whose own journey is a great story that gives a whole new meaning for the term “The SmugMug Family.”

Ben Rudick‘s sister, father, mother, and stepmom are all Smuggers like him. There’s also a possibility that we might see some Rudick grandparents joining us, too. We love that not only are they all great, enthusiastic photographers, but that they share our passion, too!

Ben’s work comes from a love of theater and music, and the stunning but minimal lighting on stage makes for some truly beautiful and moving images of posture and emotion.

You can browse his other galleries to see more juicy examples of dance, music, and theater.

Thanks for making your family a Smuggy one, Ben!

New Terms and Bug Fixes- March 2009

We’ve had several great releases in the last few weeks, including the following enhancements:

  • Newly updated Terms of Service. We made the change, in part, to make it perfectly clear to our customers that YOU still own your photos. The Terms, though still long, are now more readable. Here’s an excerpt: “SmugMug neither has nor wants any ownership of your Content.”
  • We added “last updated” to the login page so you can see if we’ve made a change to the Terms since the last time you logged in.
  • Increased the time limit on Professional account video files to 10 minutes each, up to 1920x1080p!
  • Added a wrap/trim preview to the cropper in the shopping cart and on the proof-delay page for some merchandise such as buttons and ceramic tiles.
  • Simplified our International shipping options. There was some confusion as to how the options differed, and some overlap at the labs in terms of shipping methods. We now offer a single USPS option and either a single UPS (through BayPhoto) or FedEx (through EZ Prints) option.
  • For the homepage and embedded slideshow, you can now specific round or square border in the code: borderCornerStyle=rounded|square
  • Also on the slideshow, you can add clickToImage=true and visitors will click on an image and be taken straight to that image’s home in a gallery.
  • Finally, randomize=true in the slideshow will randomize the order in which your images are displayed.
  • Fine-tuned the contact form we fire from password prompts (on a passworded gallery or site-wide gallery page). Unless the gallery has Hide Owner enabled, we now show the site owner’s bio photo. In the case of Pro users, if a contact email is specified in their Control Panel, we’ll send the contents of the contact form straight to that email address.
  • Added the filename to the “replace” feature from the proof-delay page.

… and the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed a search problem on the iPhone portal page.
  • Cleared up the remaining (reported) iPhone browsing bugs including: “more subcategories” loading improperly, showing the option to pull up more categories or galleries even when there were no more available, back arrow problems, and empty galleries showing up for non-owners.
  • Fixed searching from /date/ pages. It previously would pop out into Global search results, rather than staying on site-specific results.
  • Fixed the fotoflot links to properly pre-load the image and gallery information.

One enhancement is still in-the-works, but some consequences of it are already visible. We’re in the process of adding some neat improvements to Stats, and while we work on that you’ll only see your stats updating once every 24 hours. Also, we discontinued tracking of the Tiny and Thumbnail display sizes and as a result, your “Photos Viewed” will be more useful. Stay tuned for the goodies yet to come, though. We think they’ll be worth the wait.