Cave Diving

Ever wonder what’s down there in the deep recesses of the earth? Crystal clear blue waters in forbidden springs, but untouchable by most.

Jill Heinerth is one of the lucky few that can show us. Her cave diving photos are the result of professional diving training mixing with fantastic skills in digital media.

There’s so much more to see on her site and in her galleries. Check them out!

SMUGs! – May 7th, 2009

We had a great release last night, but the part we’re most excited about has actually been going on behind the scenes for several weeks now.

SmugMug User Groups (SMUGs) kicked off with a great turnout at SmugMug HQ in April. SmugMug sorcerers were on hand to divulge some of the magic they’re working on and to gather feedback on what our working Pros want to see happen at SmugMug. Lots of passionate photographers showed up to swap tips and ogle the floor-to-ceiling prints we have on the walls of the office.

In this release, we’re announcing nearly a dozen SMUGs in major cities across the US. You can visit the SMUG page for all the details and to sign up for email notifications of new SMUGs as we add ’em.

Also in this release, we made some good improvements on the Easy Customizer based on your feedback, as follows:

  • The parts of advanced customization that directly overlap with the Easy Customizer (Page Title, SmugMug header and footer, and Basic Appearance) are now shown when you use the Easy Customizer, to prevent inadvertent overwriting.
  • We added a button to the advanced customization page so you can easily email yourself a copy of your advanced customization code.
  • Pros who choose to completely turn of SmugMug’s footer can now optionally add the feeds links back in using the Easy Customizer.
  • Pros now have a toggle in their advanced customization page to remove SmugMug’s footer completely. Previously they had to use the Easy Customizer.
  • We added a “Help” link to SmugMug’s mini footer. For visitors, it goes straight to our visitor help sections.
  • If you’re a Pro and specify a Page Title, we’ll leave out the “- Powered by SmugMug” , so your brand stands alone at the top of the browser.

We also improved the embeddable flash slideshow:

  • New configurable settings: autoStart and showSpeed. You can change whether the slideshow starts automatically whether the slow/med/fast controls.
  • FIxed it so you can set pageStyle white/black so that the slideshow uses the white OR black SmugMug logo and sets the text to white OR black.
  • Fixed a bug where if you set the background color on an embed greater then 1280×720 it wouldn’t honor your color settings.
  • Fixed a bug where captions were being truncated in some cases.

We updated the Lensbabies deal in ClubSmug.

More bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug on the pro sales page where clicking through on the image would incorrectly redirect in Internet Explorer.
  • Also fixed a bug where the shipping information from an order would be absent in some cases from order emails generated at order time.
  • Added shipping method to pro sales information pages so you can see how the order will be shipped to your customer.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Internet Explorer to jump to another photo when clicking on Arrange in the tools menu.
  • Clarified the wording of pro notification emails for orders that include images purchased from multiple Pros.
  • Added shipping for Serbia and Montenegro.
  • Fixed the ‘Read more…’ hyperlinks in RSS feeds in Safari to properly point back to the gallery.

Introducting … PhotoFusion!

Pros: rev your engines and step your business up to the next level! Photo Fusion Workshops are circling the country to a city near you. Led by star photo- and videographers Robert Evans and Curt Apanovich, their 35 years of combined experience in the biz will reinvent the way you shoot, prep, and market your work. They’ll teach you how to use cutting-edge digital technology to merge video with still images and raise the creative bar in any field.

Photo Fusion

Check out the itinerary and book your tickets here.

Eye-fi adds Video Uploads to SmugMug

Eye-Fi has just announced that video uploading is now available for SmugMug! Shoot the footage on your digital camera and skip the card reader for uploading the goods to your galleries. Using a Wi-Fi network, Eye-Fi’s cards eliminate the hassle and let you share your photos and videos faster.

You can get more details about how it works on Eye-Fi’s site, and find a great intro deal on hotspot access through ClubSmug.

Easy Customizer and Amazon Payments – April 30, 2009

We’re thrilled to announce the release of two of our most requested features: Easy customization SmugMug sites and SmugMug subscription without a credit card.

Our brand spankin’ new Easy Customizer empowers SmugMug’s Professional and Power subscribers to completely change the look and feel of their SmugMug site with a few clicks. No code wrangling required. Find it in your Control Panel on the Customize tab.

Our advanced customization options are still alive and well, for those who do want to dive into code or need to tweak specific galleries… but now the rest of us can still get the look we want without breaking a sweat.

Things to know:

  • The Easy Customizer allows complete removal of SmugMug’s footer for Pro subscribers, even the “Powered by SmugMug” bit.
  • You’ll see a real-time preview in the Easy Customizer, so you can see how it plays with any advanced code you had previously entered.
  • The Start Over button gives you several options for dialing back changes.
  • There’s an ongoing discussion over at Digital Grin.

New SmugMuggers can now pay for their SmugMug account by choosing Amazon Subscriptions on the signup page instead of entering a credit card. To go this route, you’ll need to set up an Amazon Payments account and provide either your credit card information or your bank account information to Amazon. If you sign up this way, all future upgrades and renewals will be handled through Amazon Subscriptions as well.

Our apologies, if you already have a paid SmugMug account, you cannot (yet) switch over to Amazon Subscriptions.

Also this week, we’re announcing our sponsorship of the Wiley Photo Contest. Those with a competitive edge may want to check it out for a chance to win sweet prizes.