Of course great photographers use SmugMug, but what happens when they also happen to be Grammy Award-winning musicians? They get found and showcased right here!

Seal has an impressive collection of images from his tours, the pictures as beautiful, soulful, and real as his music.

You can see all of the great behind-the-scenes images here in his galleries.

Bug Fixes and Cleanup – July 23, 2009

We rolled out the following changes:

  • Several of our uploader pages got a scrubbing and choosing an uploader is now easier.
  • We have a new help page listing our official supported browsers, to help troubleshoot problems for you and your visitors.
  • Our Simple uploader is now more patient and doesn’t quit on files that take a longer time to transfer.
  • Slideshow captions no longer overlap the showcased image. Instead, they are shown below the photo and they now are HTML-compatible.
  • The journal viewing style now stretches properly for everyone, including users who have only CSS advanced site-wide customizations.
  • Journal style should also properly display the thumbnail for processing files and correctly show photo and gallery comments.
  • Journal and slideshow viewing styles now display a better-fitting size for portrait-oriented images in the gallery.
  • The style button went missing in popular, keyword, and date pages in some cases, but we brought it back.
  • SmugMug’s embeddable badges should now display properly for IE6 and IE7 viewers.
  • Fixed a short-term bug where ICC profiles were not properly uploaded with photos and remaining through image processing tools (rotation, cropping, etc.)
  • Fixed a bug where the “Buy many photos” option wouldn’t work if there was only one photo in the gallery.
  • Fixed bug in the shopping cart involving the “Use billing info on record” checkbox. If you check it and then change your credit card number or expiration date in the cart, we’ll now use the new information.

Photos I had to see bigger 7/10/09

When you see spectacular photos on the web, don’t you sometimes ache to see them BIG?  I do.

We finally decided to do something about it and extend our Journal style so that if you have a big monitor and widen your browser, You.  Get.  Awesomeness.

I picked shots that I longed to see bigger, and here they are.

Photo I had to see bigger

That gaucho on an untamed horse photo begs for bigger.

What do you think?  Should I do this often or do I bore you?

Improved Viewing Styles and Bug Fixes – July 10, 2009

We’re really pleased to unveil stunning updates to how you view your galleries. Now the Slideshow and Journal viewing styles will keep up with your bigger and better browsers. Under the new Style button at the top of your gallery, you can try them out for yourself. Let your jaw drop, view the new Journal Style here and the Slideshow here. Both styles not only look great but they stretch for complete wall-to-wall visual goodness. Best of all, the new Slideshow style reflects our ever-popular full-screen slideshow that you already know and love.

Old Journal die hards, never fear. You can still keep your galleries in that format by selecting it in your Customize Gallery settings. Similarly, if you loved Filmstrip and Critique, you’ll also see those there. These three styles will stick around as long as we can keep them, but they will no longer be updated or chooseable by your viewers.

Of course, we also have some fixes and improvements in the mix:

  • The Easy Customizer now has an options for adjusting a background image to your site. You’ll notice the code generated by this tool will also be a bit easier to read.
  • For those of you who have used our new Share features, we now have official help pages to answer any lingering questions: Be Social, Social Bookmarking, and Show Off.
  • Our new Simple Uploader has been further improved with a few tweaks, including the ability to accept files with non-alphanumeric names and an error message if you didn’t properly install it in your browser.
  • Our card creator no longer objects when you’re working from a site with a custom domain.

Be Social and a New Uploader- July 1st, 2009

We hope this release was worth the wait! We’re thrilled to announce lots of the social features requested by our customers.

If you have the “Easy Sharing” option enabled in your gallery settings, you’ll see the following new options in your Share menu when you’re logged in:

  1. Social Bookmarking – quickly share galleries with lots of popular networks such as Digg, Delicious and StumbleUpon.
  2. Be Social – share your photos with friends on Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, and Tumblr.
  3. Show Off (for logged-in gallery owner only) – create a custom flash slideshow or animated image badge. Get the code with a single click and flaunt it on your blog, forum, or website.

We’re proud to announce a new, faster uploader that replaces the old Simple uploader. We built this one in-house and it offers better real-time reporting of errors in addition to more robust error retrying and duplicate handling (see the drop-down menu at the bottom). When loading it for the first time, be sure to click “Trust” when the prompt from Sun Java comes up!

We welcomed a new (and incredibly talented) Artist In Residence: B. D. Colen. Photographers with a photojournalistic and documentary flair will want to check out his site and join in the lively discussions and exercises on Digital Grin.

Our first Wiley photo contest was so popular, we’ve added more. Go win some prizes!

Also in this release, we added two more great ClubSmug deals for Smuggers: a discount on stunning flash slideshows with Showit and a free(!) ecopy of the popular book FastTrack Photographer.

More improvements:

  • We added an “Unlisted gallery” indication to the breadcrumbs for unlisted galleries when you’re logged in.
  • The Customization FAQ is now restored and updated for your customizing pleasure.
  • We brushed up and improved the news, referrals, upload log, backprinting, and watermarking pages accessible from the Control Panel.

Bug fixes:

  • We fixed the annoying loop started from logging in to your account from the logout page. You should now properly arrive at your homepage.
  • Special characters in the Amazon Payments billing/address field no longer cause hiccups for new subscribers.
  • New users should now be able to upgrade their accounts on signup when paying via Amazon Payments.
  • Assistants now see “Unlisted gallery” indication on homepages and category pages.

Update on stats, for those of you anxiously awaiting: Stats are currently showing up-to-date information. We are still actively working on overhauling this feature and we think you’ll be thrilled when it’s ready. Sorry we don’t have an ETA yet!