Sales History, Cropping, and Get a Link – September 11th, 2009

With this release, pros who sell prints through SmugMug will see a dramatically improved Sales History, accessible from the Pro tab of their Control Panel. Among other things, we added imageID, albumID, gallery title, and category title to the downloadable CSV. We also added more specific shipping information where possible, including tracking numbers and ship dates. Your entire sales history is now sortable with helpful data at the bottom of the page. You’ll also find a date listed for when we’ve mailed a profit check.

For Pros who use our proof-delay feature, there’s now a real-time countdown to lab submission on the page. You can now adjust cropping for large orders much more quickly because the crop page allows paging to the next image after saving a crop.

All SmugMuggers can crop photos and thumbnails from the gallery more quickly as well. Simply adjust a crop, save it, and arrow forward or backward to the next photo you’d like to crop without leaving the tool.

The Get a Link page found in the Share menu is now much more useful for heavy posters. You can page through photos right there on the page, quickly gathering links for a forum or blog post. We’ve also added a Feed Wizard so you can create a specific feed to fit your need.

The comments page accessible from the Stats tab in your Control Panel is now prettier and more useful, allowing you to page through recent and pending comments.

We’ve created a new Quickstart video that narrates some of the great, core features we offer to new subscribers.

Fixes in this release:

  • For Video: Mac users can now pause and unpause videos without causing trouble in the playback. We also fixed a bug where some videos were not being pulled properly from custom domains.
  • For Slideshow: Fixed captions in small slideshows, improved slideshow randomness, cleaned up portrait image requests for full screen slideshows on large monitors, fixed an issue with irregular NiceName characters in Safari, added option to customize default speed for embedded slideshows.
  • For our Be Social page: Fixed escape issue with quotation marks, fixed up lingering Facebook permission problems and custom domain snags with Twitter and Facebook, and added the ability to flip through images.
  • Fixed an annoying loop with trying to login from the page where you requested a new password.
  • Fixed a bug where deleting a category or subcategory would sometimes create an orphaned subcategory or gallery.
  • Fixed a custom domain issue with Internet Explorer 8, so you should be able to stay logged in without having to jump out to