Bulk settings, bulk replace for pros, badge love, feed and iPhone opt-outs – October 29, 2009

You’ll find a magical new button in gallery settings called Multiple Galleries.  Choose it to apply any number of gallery settings to as many galleries as you please.  More.

Pros will find a time-saving new Replace Multiple Photos button for their Proof & Retouch orders.  It automagically replaces photos from sales with your retouched photos having the same file names.

Badges can now draw from most recent or most popular photos.   They can have captions.  They’re faster-loading.  And they give you a choice of how images initially slide into place.

In your control panel settings tab, you’ll find a new field to enter meta description.  Google will use the words you enter there for their description of your SmugMug site in search results.

Also in the settings tab, you’ll find checkboxes to disable feeds and the iPhone interface.

SmugMug account owners can now see the email addresses of people who leave comments on their SmugMug sites so they can reply.

Comments are now included in the text of comment notification emails.

A dozen bugs were fixed, including:

  • Watermarks no longer are imported to Animoto when you make an Animoto video.
  • File size reported incorrectly in critique view.
  • You sometimes got logged out if you closed your browser.
  • Batch add to cart was misbehaving in certain gallery types like popular.
  • Bad preview URL in customize gallery under some circumstances.

Pro Cart Cobranding, Old Journal-Style Love, bug fixes – October 26, 2009

As a first step towards deeper pro branding through the order process, we added the ability for pro account holders to add their own identity to every page of the shopping cart.  Here’s how.


You’ll find the beginnings of a pro branding center in your control panel, Pro tab.

The much-loved Old Journal style received some love, so that clicking on a photo displays it in the much-improved new lightbox, with comments.  Example.

Bug fixes:

  • The Recent Photos home page box now includes photos uploaded via Olde Faithful and the API.
  • The show comments link in lightbox that was visible when comments were off is now…OFF!
  • The bug that displayed filenames instead of captions got the cruel death it deserved.
  • Custom themes can now enjoy stretchy thumbnail-style goodness.
  • Fixed a homepage box placement bug.

Animoto, Better Viewing, and Homepage Goodies for All – October 22, 2009


Last night we rolled out a partnership with Animoto that we’ve been excited about for years. You’ll find “Create an Animoto Video” in the Owner Only section of the Buy button when you’re logged in. Discover why we love Animoto on our CEO’s blog and on our help page.

Gallery viewing styles

We overhauled another viewing style, incorporating the best of All Thumbs and Traditional and adding magic to make it fill your page with photos. It goes by the name of “Thumbnails” and you’ll see it in the style menu on gallery pages. (You’ll see we kept All Thumbs and Traditional alive, but demoted them to the list in your Gallery Settings page.)

All viewing styles in the style menu now launch our Lightbox for single image viewing, and we tucked in some additional features: Owner Save for when you’re logged in, Save Photo for your visitors if you haven’t disabled original viewing, and Show Details. Click Show Details to get a neat side-by-side with the image on one side and any comments, camera info, and keywords on the other side.

Homepage boxes

All account levels now sport three new homepage boxes. It’s easy to drop a beautiful slideshow onto your page, pick a video or your favorite image to greet visitors, or display your most-recently uploaded photos. Our help page has a quick course on how to customize your homepage.

Big change for Pros

SmugMug is ready to move towards direct deposit for U.S. photographers. To that end, we’ve put the required W9 tax form online for you to fill out as well as information about which bank account we should put your money in when we make the change.

Even if you’ve previously filled out a paper W9 form for our accounting department, you’ll need to fill out the new online form prior to December 15th of this year so we’ll be able to continue paying your profit when we make the change in 2010.

All the details are on our help page.

NiceName Photo URLs

Direct links for photos that look like this will still work just fine:


But now in the Get a Link feature, you’ll see that we serve up direct links that contain the photo’s filename as well as the NiceName for the category, subcategory, and gallery that photo lives in. Reason? Descriptive words directly associated with your photo = more relevant search engine results.
As always, SmugMug makes it easy to stay out of search engines if you’d prefer.


  • Our Get a Link feature from the Share button will now properly update the embed code when the preview image is changed.
  • Our Search Engine Optimization help page was overhauled by our in-house expert and has sage advice for those seeking love from Google.
  • We fixed the “share photos” link in the single image view (found in older viewing styles)
  • Files in your SmugVault that have a space in the filename can now be downloaded without a hitch.
  • If you login while browsing a gallery, we’ll direct you right to the photo you were viewing.

Big changes to SmugMug's codebase – October 15th, 2009

We’ve been working for many months on a change that has involved every engineer at SmugMug and has kept the testers working evenings and weekends.

This release touched almost every feature and page and we’re still standing by to monitor the changes closely, because simulating the live site with its millions of varied users on test servers is a very big challenge.

It’s not a flashy release, in fact if we did our job perfectly, nothing will appear differently to our customers. But we’re very excited about it because it lays the foundation for bigger things to come.

Find a problem? Want to discuss this release? Head to Digital Grin.

Comparing the new Canon 7D video to the 5d MKII's

Being the luckiest guy on earth whose job (SmugMug) is his passion (cool photos and videos), I couldn’t resist heading to SF the day I got my new 7D and test its video capabilities to the limit–;and comparing it with the 5D MKII.

Canons 7D video pushed to the limit, in 1080p
Canon's 7D video pushed to the limit, in 1080p

What I learned:

  • WOW!
  • Maybe it’s just ever-so-slightly lower quality than the 5D MKII.
  • The controls, including focusing, are easier than on the 5D MKII
  • I found my second camera.

Watch it here.  What do you think?