Comparing the new Canon 7D video to the 5d MKII's

Being the luckiest guy on earth whose job (SmugMug) is his passion (cool photos and videos), I couldn’t resist heading to SF the day I got my new 7D and test its video capabilities to the limit–;and comparing it with the 5D MKII.

Canons 7D video pushed to the limit, in 1080p
Canon's 7D video pushed to the limit, in 1080p

What I learned:

  • WOW!
  • Maybe it’s just ever-so-slightly lower quality than the 5D MKII.
  • The controls, including focusing, are easier than on the 5D MKII
  • I found my second camera.

Watch it here.  What do you think?

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Chris MacAskill

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