Big changes to SmugMug's codebase – October 15th, 2009

We’ve been working for many months on a change that has involved every engineer at SmugMug and has kept the testers working evenings and weekends.

This release touched almost every feature and page and we’re still standing by to monitor the changes closely, because simulating the live site with its millions of varied users on test servers is a very big challenge.

It’s not a flashy release, in fact if we did our job perfectly, nothing will appear differently to our customers. But we’re very excited about it because it lays the foundation for bigger things to come.

Find a problem? Want to discuss this release? Head to Digital Grin.

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Chris MacAskill

co-founder of SmugMug

4 thoughts on “Big changes to SmugMug's codebase – October 15th, 2009”

  1. I didn’t see anything different, so kudos to the teams!
    Would be interesting to learn what fundamental changes were made.

  2. Why no caption formatting I had to lock my site to journal because now all the captions and text are just run together. What a mess, add Text Formatting please………….

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