Pro Cart Cobranding, Old Journal-Style Love, bug fixes – October 26, 2009

As a first step towards deeper pro branding through the order process, we added the ability for pro account holders to add their own identity to every page of the shopping cart.  Here’s how.


You’ll find the beginnings of a pro branding center in your control panel, Pro tab.

The much-loved Old Journal style received some love, so that clicking on a photo displays it in the much-improved new lightbox, with comments.  Example.

Bug fixes:

  • The Recent Photos home page box now includes photos uploaded via Olde Faithful and the API.
  • The show comments link in lightbox that was visible when comments were off is now…OFF!
  • The bug that displayed filenames instead of captions got the cruel death it deserved.
  • Custom themes can now enjoy stretchy thumbnail-style goodness.
  • Fixed a homepage box placement bug.

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Chris MacAskill

co-founder of SmugMug

10 thoughts on “Pro Cart Cobranding, Old Journal-Style Love, bug fixes – October 26, 2009”

  1. Would definitly love COUPONs. These should be available for purchase by PROS and we could give them to clients. This way, they could get a free sample (paid for by the PRO) AND get to enjoy the great UI of SmugMug’s shopping experiance.

  2. @ Erik, packages are in development, hang in there, thanks for your patience.

    @ Taylor, they’re coming, they’re coming – we’ve been in active development on them (for too long) but they’re coming!

    Fotoflots are avialble now – click the ‘Buy’ button when logged in🙂

    @ darryl, we’ll check into it.

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