Bulk settings, bulk replace for pros, badge love, feed and iPhone opt-outs – October 29, 2009

You’ll find a magical new button in gallery settings called Multiple Galleries.  Choose it to apply any number of gallery settings to as many galleries as you please.  More.

Pros will find a time-saving new Replace Multiple Photos button for their Proof & Retouch orders.  It automagically replaces photos from sales with your retouched photos having the same file names.

Badges can now draw from most recent or most popular photos.   They can have captions.  They’re faster-loading.  And they give you a choice of how images initially slide into place.

In your control panel settings tab, you’ll find a new field to enter meta description.  Google will use the words you enter there for their description of your SmugMug site in search results.

Also in the settings tab, you’ll find checkboxes to disable feeds and the iPhone interface.

SmugMug account owners can now see the email addresses of people who leave comments on their SmugMug sites so they can reply.

Comments are now included in the text of comment notification emails.

A dozen bugs were fixed, including:

  • Watermarks no longer are imported to Animoto when you make an Animoto video.
  • File size reported incorrectly in critique view.
  • You sometimes got logged out if you closed your browser.
  • Batch add to cart was misbehaving in certain gallery types like popular.
  • Bad preview URL in customize gallery under some circumstances.

Published by

Chris MacAskill

co-founder of SmugMug

21 thoughts on “Bulk settings, bulk replace for pros, badge love, feed and iPhone opt-outs – October 29, 2009”

  1. Great job to allow to change multiple gallery settings.

    Some suggested improvements:
    – when selecting ALL galleries, please list them one by one so I can DE-SELECT those I do not want to change.
    – also enable to select ALL galleries per Category/Subcategory in the same way.


  2. good stuff! Thanks for the updates. Keep ’em coming. Will be really stoked to hopefully see virtual galleries someday.

  3. Why does map display depend on the RSS feed setting? IF Google’s license requires this, then certainly not for all (non-mapped) galleries? Did I miss something? Can’t RSS be disabled for those non-mapped galleries then?

  4. Can you give more details on “Replace Multiple Photos”? Not really much detail there on how to use that feature and I have some replacements I need to do.


  5. Hey guys, thanks for these great updates, but just the comment feature is not working on my website, I tried it and found that yes there is an email cell to be filled but not a mandatory. Could you make it mandatory? or even optional to the user to make it like that?

  6. If I may add one more feature request:
    I’d like to be able to customize the “Easy Share” button, for me I wish I could disable “Get a Link” submenu in that button.

  7. actually your blog is one of those i will bother to revisit. most i saw today are full of useless informations and advertising. thank you for providing some real content to the world🙂

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