Holiday Gift Mugs

Our popular white, 15-ounce ceramic photo mugs come printed with your favorite photo, then filled with a variety of rich, luxurious gourmet hot chocolate  or melt-in-your-mouth candy cane caramels.

Candy Holiday Mugs

Candy mugs come filled with buttery caramel balls dressed in a festive, candy-sprinkled peppermint cover. Exclusively ours from Marich Confectionery.

Chocolate Photo Mug

Cocoa mugs come filled with four single-serve packs of Stephen’s Gourmet Hot Cocoa in a special two-flavor collection: milk chocolate and candycane. The smoothest and creamiest cocoa in the world!

They are $19.95.

Pros can price and sell these at a profit.  In your pricing tool, you’ll see them listed on top after you click on the merchandise tab.  Pricing help.

All the best,

The SmugMug family



New Mounted and Framed Prints

Announcing Metal Prints and Thin Wraps from Bay Photo, Framed and Mounted prints from EZ Prints:

Metal Prints
Metal Print
Thin Wraps
Thin Wrap
Framed Prints
Framed Print
Mounted Prints
Mounted Print

The two EZ Prints products are available to all subscribers, the two Bay Photo products are available to pro subscribers and their customers.

Pros: we zeroed your pricing for these products so your customers won’t see them in the shopping cart until you set prices.

Here are various versions of the catalog with these products added.  Note how the URLs end (P means prices are showing):

These are products the SmugMug team buys for work and home and we hope you enjoy them like we do.

All the best,

The SmugMug family

UTF-8 keywords. ShootDotEdit. ScanDigital.

By popular demand from exotic lands like Iceland with exotic alphabets, we bring you UTF-8 (international character) keyword support.


We’ve been getting great scans of old film from ScanDigital, so we added them to the buy menu.  They can upload your scans to SmugMug.  Example: a very precocious-looking future SmugFounder.


Love shooting but hate correcting?   You’ll find relief in the buy menu from ShootDotEdit.


If you force Thumbnails Style for a gallery, you can now choose to display all thumbs on a single page.  Or you can enable pagination for larger galleries.

And may 8 bugs rest in peace, including a foul one that placed the big image in SmugMug style bottom left instead of upper right where it belonged.  This bug surfaced on some browsers when the zoom was above 100%.

How To Sell Cards

With our latest release, you can now make a card for your customer and price it at your pro pricing😀 I’ve had some questions from pros on how best to deal with selling cards, so here goes.

First, you need a good display gallery of the cards. Of course, we have, but that won’t have your branding. Great in a pinch, but here’s another way, I’ve set up galleries on my site to show off our 5×7 cards and our 4×8 cards.

How to do this? It takes only a couple minutes, and I’ve made step-by-step instructions here on Dgrin.

Next, let your clients choose their holiday photo and then pick a card template, and some text to put on the card. You then make the card, when logged in, go to the photo in the client gallery and choose “Buy” then “create a card” – or, again, logged in, visit and find the card you want, and click the ‘make this card’ link under the card, it will bring you right to the card maker🙂 Make the card, and on the ‘Create’ tab in the card maker, choose ‘just window shopping’ – the card will then be placed into your “My SmugMug Creations” gallery when finished. Go to that gallery, and use the tools menu to choose ‘Move to Gallery’ – and place it in a new gallery just for your client – e.g., ‘The Smith Family Holiday Card’.

Last step – you’ll want to price this card at your pro pricing – so, choose tools, set prices, and first apply $0 to all products, then type in your prices for the cards. Click save and voila, your done!

Major card upgrade – November 10, 2009

We welcomed several new card designers this year and expanded our selection of 5×7 folded and 4×8 cards to over 200!  You can see them at

You can of course order a card with just a photo on the front and no design.  Ordering help.  Or you can design your own cards from scratch on your computer.  Here are the guidelines.

With this release, pros can price and sell cards for a profit.  If you’re a pro, you’ll need to choose EZ Prints as the lab for the gallery where you’ll sell finished cards for your clients.  Then you’ll see the fields in the pricing tool to enter prices:

Three important new features:

  • Last year you had to choose a photo first, and browse the designs by the small thumbnails in the card creator. Now, if you prefer, you can browse the large previews on, choose your favorite, and make a card straight from there.
  • Anyone can now order one of your finished card designs, whether they have a SmugMug account or not.  However, only SmugMug subscribers can create their own cards, and they can only use their own images.
  • The following HTML tags in photo captions will now be preserved in lightbox view when someone clicks on an image in your gallery to see it bigger:

We hope this release makes for happy holidays!

All the best,

The SmugMug Family

EDIT 11/20: We’re hearing lots about wanting customers to be able to pick their own card designs and make them from your photos.  We’re working hard on that but unfortunately don’t have a day to give you for when the feature will go live.