New Year's Eve: 29 exciting new themes.

Happy New Year!  At SmugMug, we celebrated the new decade with fireworks and themes.

Here are a few samples:

New pink theme

New snowflake theme

New metal theme

New slate blue theme

floral theme

New white theme

They’re available to everyone, and there are many more you can preview on your own sites with the themes chooser.  Or view examples at

Power and Pro subscribers can customize the themes and use them as the basis for their own custom sites.  It’s simple with the easy customizer.  You’ll find more help in our customization forum.

Happy New Decade!

The SmugMug family

Card & Keyword Upgrades, Direct Deposit

Pros: Let your customers design cards.

Sell cards

The #1 request from pros was, let my customers design cards.   They can now, with some caveats:

  1. If you set prices for cards at the Portfolio or Gallery levels, your visitors will see the Create a Card option in the Buy Menu.
  2. When they click the Photos Tab in the card creator, they will only see photos from the gallery they were viewing when they chose Create a Card.
  3. When they click the Create Tab, they’ll see your pro prices and be prompted to choose quantities.   Then they can add to cart.
  4. The card will be saved to a Guest Card private gallery in the category My SmugMug Creations on your site.
  5. Your guests won’t see a link to that gallery.

Reminder: Cards are fulfilled by EZ Prints, so they only show up in your pricing tool if you have EZ Prints selected.  Once prices are set for cards, you can revert back to Bay Photo if you want the other products from the gallery to be printed there.

All subscribers: Keyword upgrades.

Caption/Keyword tool

  • A new option has been added to the Bulk Caption/Keyword tool.  It lets you remove all numeric keywords from a gallery.
  • You’ll find a setting in your Control Panel to enable or disable automatic keyword generation from filenames (default: enabled).
  • There is a Design Rule for Camera File Systems (DCF) that lets us ignore filenames generated by your camera.  We do not create keywords from filenames like IMG_001.JPG.
  • Multi-word keywords no longer need to be quoted as long as they are followed by a comma or semi-colon.  For example, we used to require you to put quotes around “New York” to make one keyword phrase.  Now you can enter New York, or New York;
  • 1 and 2-character keywords used to require quotes, but no more.  For example, 12, 5, would be added as keywords.

U.S. Pros:  Direct Deposit.

Get paid the fast, secure, convenient, environmentally-friendly way: direct to your bank.

If you haven’t already, please fill out our online “Tax & Payment Info.”  We’re sorry to say that even if you’ve sent us a W-9 by another method, we’ll need the online form to enable direct deposit.

You’ll find the online form in your SmugMug Control Panel, in the Pros tab. Click the edit link next to Tax & payment info.

Payment schedules will remain unchanged, but electrons should reach you faster than postmen.  Payments begin in January.

Bug fixes and enhancements.

  • iPhone feeds and settings are handled correctly in IE8 now.
  • Search results now correctly take you to the image selected instead of the first page of a gallery.
  • The lightbox link in comment emails now takes you to the correct lightbox view.
  • Name is now required on the billing page of the cart.
  • Full screen images now appear faster in the full screen slideshow.
  • The Bulk Caption/Keyword tool acted erratically in some instances.  Fixed.
  • Add to cart in lightbox view now only requires one click.
  • No more problems creating a gallery when a category name is in quotes.
  • The slideshow pop-up on password-protected galleries is fixed.
  • Better read-only message for SmugMug’s maintenance windows.
  • You can now go to Batch Add via a direct URL even if there is a site-wide or gallery password, if you know the password.

Merry Christmas!

The SmugMug Family

Insane Christmas Tree






The #1 most requested feature for our pros is here!


Many thanks to our pros who kept the faith during the long development process.  We sincerely appreciate it and hope to reward you with many other great features in the not-too-distant future.

Here’s the scoop on coupons.

Also in this release, holiday cut-off dates have been added to the shopping cart.  And a minor uploading bug was fixed.

All the best,

The SmugMug Family