Bug Fixes and Metadata Update. January 29th, 2010.

Since the smoke has begun to clear from our release of Smart Galleries, we wouldn’t want to leave you high and dry for the weekend. Here’s a few bonus bug fixes to tide you over:

  • Double quotes in the caption won’t disturb other tags in our Journal viewing style.
  • You’ll see several more options for configuring embedded videos via the Get a Link feature.
  • Photos in Thumbnails viewing styles should now properly save after you’ve arranged them.
  • Pros: Old orders now display proper product info on the downloadable Sales History spreadsheets.

Metadata Updates

  • We’ve always tried to automatically extract captions and keywords from your IPTC data. To make things even easier we now also read keyword information from .xmp files, in addition to IPTC and Exif, in the following order of precedence:
    Xmp.dc.description >> Xmp.dc.UserComment >> Iptc.Application2.Caption >> Exif.Image.ImageDescription
  • Our keywords are also now imported from xmp and IPTC – in the following order of precedence…Xmp.dc.subject >> Iptc.Application2.Keywords
  • Globetrotters rejoice: Both our captions and keywords fields now accept non-English characters. Check those out in your bulk captions/keywords tool and tag away, though the UTF-8 keywords will only show up in the keyword string (in the keyword edit box) not the individual keywords at the moment.
  • We smarted up our metadata filters so that only relevant EXIF data gets transmitted on upload. No more default “Olympus Digital Camera” captions! (Unless you want those, of course.)
  • All focal lengths shown in your Camera Info box should reflect the actual information contained in the file. Bogus? Begone!

Smart Galleries. January 27th, 2010.

A Collect Photo icon has been added to the Photobar:

Until today, your galleries could only contain actual photos and videos that you uploaded.  Now they can also display virtual copies so that one photo can be displayed in many locations.

Collecting Photos

Simply navigate to interesting photos and click the new Collect Photo icon on the photobar to collect them.  You’ll be prompted to choose a destination gallery.  Collected photos are attributed to the owner with a link back to the original photo.

You’ll also find a Collect Photos option in the tools menu that lets you collect in bulk.  And on the header in Lightbox view.

It even has an option to collect all current and future photos for a gallery.  More about collecting.

Smart Settings

You can automagically display virtual copies in your galleries by choosing from a powerful set of rules.  Did you and a SmugMug friend go to Disneyland?  You can quickly set a rule to display virtual copies of her photos in a date range with the keyword Audrey, for example, in a gallery on your SmugMug site.   Here’s how.

Wait. Who can collect MY photos?

You may be honored when a woman of obvious taste displays your shot in her “Exceptional Photos” gallery. But you may not want your daughter’s photos collected. Here’s how you set permissions:

  • You can always collect your own photos, regardless of gallery settings.

Your adoring fans can collect your photos in their SmugMug galleries when all of these conditions are true:

  • Your site has no site-wide password.
  • Your gallery is public and not passworded.
  • Your gallery has external linking enabled.
  • You have not disabled Allow Collecting in your control panel Settings Tab.

External Linking and Allow Collecting are very closely related.  External linking is a gallery setting that has always enabled a form of collecting: displaying your photos in blogs and forums.  When someone embeds your photo in a forum, they may not give you attribution or a link back to your site.  Collections do both automatically.

Allow Collecting is a site-wide setting that has no effect if external links are off.  It’s one click to rule them all if you want absolutely no collecting (but you can still collect your own).

All virtual copies honor the settings of the original. If you apply watermarks, set prices, limit the largest size, etc., the virtual copies will inherit those settings.

If you collect a photo from your unlisted gallery, it can be displayed in your public galleries.  But we won’t display a link to its origin.  And visitors will not be able to collect it.

This is version 1.0

We watch comments in this blog and the discussion on Dgrin like hawks because we know you’ll find annoyances we need to correct.  And feature additions.  We know you’ll want to know where virtual copies of your photos appear.  And we know you’ll want to arrange virtual copies in galleries like you can uploaded photos (we hate to ask for patience with this feature, but it will take some doing).

We hope you’ll share your experiences, good and bad as we tackle improvements.

All the best,

The SmugMug Family

(Which is busy collecting each other’s photos.)

Tweaks, bug fixes, and Control Panel love

It wasn’t clear that the Control Panel is for site-wide stuff and tools are for galleries and photos.  New wording and layout should help:

SmugMug control panel


  • When the date taken field of a photo was blank, we used to show zeros in the more info display.  Now we leave it blank.
  • Upload error messages are now red to make them more obnoxious visible (it pained us, but we understand why it was important).
  • The simple uploader now counts up instead of down as images are added.
  • Billing for coupons used by pros was implemented (okay, that was more than a tweak).
  • We now confirm pros’ contact email in the Control Panel.


  • IE drop shadows were fixed on new themes.
  • We removed slideshow embed code from search results.
  • Fixed an unforgiveable bug that prevented a spectacular photo from appearing in our home page slideshow gallery.

John Harrison photo

All the best,

The SmugMug family

Stats Extreme Makeover Beta, Contact the Pro, Video Player Love

Want a peek at Stats Extreme Makeover Work in Progress edition?  Just point your browser to http://www.smugmug.com/homepage/newstats.mg.

Have feedback? We’re watching this thread closely.

Stats Extreme Makeover

Contact the Pro

When customers click the Contact link while admiring your photos, they usually have questions like, “Can you shoot our wedding in July?”

Entering your contact email will allow those questions to go straight to you.

Contact the Pro

No worries, support questions from help links will still come to us.

If you have at least one sale, you’ll be prompted to enter a contact email.  You can enter a new address in the pros tab of your control panel.

Video Player Love

If you use our video player on Windows, or embedded in a web page, you’ll see new options:

New Video player options

Here’s what’s changed:

  1. You now have the ability to turn HD on when you go into full-screen mode from the embedded player.
  2. You now have the ability to stretch the video to fit the player area (default: no stretch).
  3. We added four owner-configurable parameters: autoplay, hide logo, hide home button, hide share button.  Details.
  4. If the video is deleted so the embedded version can’t play, we now show a “We’re sorry” message.
  5. When going full-screen, the video is not stretched by default (goodbye, jaggies).
  6. If you hover the mouse pointer over the controls, they don’t slide away.
  7. Non-standard video sizes are no longer stretched by default. We play them at their native resolution.

Bug fixes

There were roughly a dozen bug fixes, such as:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from changing your cart co-brand photo if it had an apostrophe in the filename.
  • The Old Faithful uploader popup status window didn’t close in all browsers when the upload completed.
  • Cleaned up the Simple Uploader “skipping duplicates” message.
  • Gallery comments should not appear in timeline, keyword, or popular photos anymore.
  • Be Social failed to post Twitter messages if they contained 68 characters.
  • Be Social failed to post on Facebook any letters to the right of an ampersand in the title of a gallery.
  • “Your message here” stayed in the tweet if you sent the tweet without entering a message.
  • Keywords now more precisely honor password-protected SmugMug sites.

Happy New Year!

The SmugMug family

Happy New Year!