New Theme: Be My Valentine

Love is in the air! We just added an elegant new theme for Valentine’s Day.  Showcase your lovebirds (or your own sweetheart) in style:

Be My Valentine

Find it in your themes picker under ‘Holidays & Seasons’. Remember, Power and Pro users can customize this theme and many others to create their own look.

Questions? Comments? Talk about it here.

The SmugMug Family

Sales Tax Tool, Flexible Payment Handling, bug fixes

Simple Sales Tax

Some states require Pros to collect sales tax. If you fit that bill you can now specify a tax rate and we’ll automatically apply it in the shopping cart for orders shipping to your selected state. Find the Sales Tax Tool right in your Control Panel, under the Pros tab.

You’ll also see that your Sales History records will reflect the amount of tax you collect. Read all about this feature here.

Please note that SmugMug does not assume responsibility for the management of sales tax you collect and we recommend you consult with your tax advisor if you have any questions.

Profit Handling

If you are a saver or a spender, we now offer a little something extra in our new Profit Handling feature. We give you the option to request payment or hold payment in the Pros tab of your Control Panel.

1. We’ll pay all pros that have at least $500 in profits once a month. If you make no changes in your Control Panel, your Payment Handling will be set to this option.

2. Previously, if your unpaid profit was less than $500 but you wanted to be included in our next payment cycle, you had to contact us via email. You can now trigger a one-time payout of all your profits yourself by clicking the top option. You will be included in our next payment cycle, then the normal schedule will resume.

3. If you prefer to bankroll, you can put all your future payments on hold until you change your mind. Choose the third option and savor your new holiday savings fund.

Need a refresher on reporting? Look here.

Fixes and improvements

Our Smart Galleries just got smarter:

  • Smart Galleries no longer fall into an infinite loop if two galleries pull photos from each other.
  • Switching rules from ‘Any’ to ‘All’ will properly return valid results.
  • Smuggers using IE7 can now join the fun and add/remove rules.
  • You can set a Smart rule to apply to a single day.

There were other important bug fixes, too:

  • The W9 form accepts routing numbers that begin with 08 and 09. We also added a “Government” option to the filing status list.
  • Be Social Tweeters were sometimes presented with an erroneous confirmation message if their post failed. This now works perfectly.
  • Arranging photo by number saves the order you set.
  • Keyword searchers are rewarded with a nicer message if there are no search results.

And last but not least, we heard your reviews about our beta Stats and made a few refinements:

  • Click a calendar date twice to view data for a single day.
  • The gallery choice sticks when you click through the other tabs. Get all the details.
  • We added filenames to image pickers and gallery details.
  • Gallery names now accept non-English characters.
  • The graph should load properly each time you change tabs or adjust settings.

Thanks to everyone who offered their generous feedback. If you have a gripe or a comment, please make sure to tell us about it.

All the best,
The SmugMug Family