Unveiling SmugMug Pro

Many thanks to so many wonderful pros who invited us to their homes and studios this past year. Never in my career have I seen so much generosity of time while you patiently explained the nuances of your workflows.

Although we have tens of thousands of pros, many who have been with us for years, this year was different. Groups of passionate photographers approached us to say, “You’re off to a good start but it’s not enough. To become great, you need packages. Folders & favorites. Event marketing. Smart galleries. User group meetings. Coupons. Powerful SEO. A great pro lab. Better branding. Deeper customization. And more.”

SmugMug Pro

So we doubled our engineering team, rolled out SmugMug User Groups, and shipped a dozen new features. You can track the details on our release notes blog.

Packages, folders & favorites, and event marketing are imminent. With luck they’ll be live for WPPI next week, but if not, come by booth #1518 for demos (and for an invite to our party Tuesday night).

Soon after they’re live, we’ll display the new SmugMug Pro logo on our site for pages you don’t brand as your own.

Now that we have so much feature momentum, you can expect some more big surprises in the not-too-distant future.

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Chris MacAskill

co-founder of SmugMug

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  1. Hi Andy,

    This is actually a response to the googlebot problem. I’m sure you’ve figured it out by now, but in google’s analytics/webmaster controls there’s a dial to control how quickly their spider crawls a page now that they’ve gone to some sort of rolling crawl/update instead of the ~14 day crawl. What I don’t know is if it considers *.smugmug.com (ie. all user pages on smugmug’s domain) as the same site.

    Kevin Carney

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